LoRa Base Station Solution based on SoM FETMX6UL-C2

IoT industry had a fast development in the past two years. This to large extent profits from the development and breakthrough of LPWAN.According to data statistics from GSMA, by 2020, the whole IoT industry will have greater development power, especially the application of LPWAN coonectivity will account for around 60% of the whole IoT connectivity.  With the intelligent upgrading, LPWAN will be widely applied in new solution such as parking, transportation, security, meter reading, environmental inspection, structure detection, etc.

Application of LPWAN is mainly devided to two mainstream camps,NB-IoT by 3GPP licensed band based on cellular mobile communication technology and LoRa or SigFox based on non-licensed spectrum. Compared with SigFox and NB-IoT, LoRa is more mature, earlier commercialized.

And also LoRa has more advantages in stability, penetrability and anti-interference, which is suitable for detection application about lower frequency data collection. Gateway is essential in conectivity of LoRa with Ethernet, node will transfer data to gateway, and then the gatway will process and transfer data to cloud by 4G, WIFI or Ethernet. On the contrary, command will be transmitted by network to gateway, then gateway will parse the command, and emit it to appointed node to execute the command.

LoRa Gateway Wireframe

LoRa Gateway Features

Project Item Spec.
Configuration Kernel ARM Cortex-A7@ 528MHz
Flash 256MB
Uplink Communication 4G 150Mbps
Ethernet 100Mbps
WIFI 150Mbps
Downlink Communication LoRa  
Environment Working Temp -40 to +85℃

Advantage of FETMX6UL-C2

The FETMX6UL-C2 is an system on module with lower power performance designed based on NXP i.MX6UL with frequency of 528MHz, its unique PMS makes it lower power performance than ARM9 series items. The SoM has rich sources that it's available for dual Ethernet, dual USB host ports, and also SPI bus. It has excellent stability performance in tough working environment with temp width ranges from -40℃ to +85℃.

FETMX6UL-C2 Features
Architectur Cortex-A7 USB 2-ch
Frequency 528Mhz SD/ MMC/ SDIO 2-ch
RAM 256MB LvDDR3 Ethernet 2-ch, 10M/ 100M
Flash 256M Nand Flash   UART/ IrDA 8-ch
Voltage Input 5V EINT/ GPIO supported
GPU PXP Video Codec software codec
Dimensions 50mm* 40mm EBI supported
Connection b-b connector JTAG supported
OS Linux3.14.38 Camera 1-ch, 5.0Mp
LCD RGB 888 PWM 8-ch


ADC 10-ch
IIC 4-ch ISO7816-3 2-ch
SPI 4-ch Keypad 8* 8
QSPI 1-ch SPDIF 1-ch