Low Power Consumption E-ink Display Electronic Bus Stop Sign Based on i.MX6ULL SoM

Buses are an important transportation in cities and play a significant role in urban transportation. With the development of cities, the number of bus routes has increased, and their convenience has improved. The bus stop signs installation is crucial for the bus services. To provide diverse information, more and more regions are replacing traditional bus stop signs with electronic ones.

Currently, the main types of electronic bus stop signs are LED and LCD screens, which can display various information such as bus route information, arrival times, first and last schedules, date information, city weather updates, and advertising messages.However, LED and LCD screens used in electronic bus stop signs face challenges such as difficulties in connecting to power and screen glare caused by strong external light.

In addition, they consume significant amounts of energy and are difficult to control in a low-power and autonomous manner based on real-time conditions, leading to unsatisfying usage. As a result, e-ink electronic bus stop signs, with many advantages, have emerged as a popular alternative for displaying public transportation information.

The following are the main advantages of E-ink screen electronic bus stop sign:

1. Low power consumption: E-ink technology has a static display, meaning it consumes energy only when updating information. Compared to traditional LCD screens, they have lower power consumption, allowing for energy and electricity cost savings.

2. High visibility: E-ink displays use reflective display technology, similar to the reflection effect of paper. They do not require a backlight and can maintain good visibility even in bright sunlight. They do not produce reflection issues, making it convenient for passengers to view information on the display.

3. Cost-saving maintenance: E-ink displays have a long lifespan, and they do not have the issue of backlight bulb damage, which is commonly found in LCDs. It reduces the cost of maintenance and replacement.

4. Environmentally friendly: E-ink displays do not require backlight, which means they do not produce harmful substances and do not cause light pollution. This makes them a relatively environmentally friendly display technology.

E-ink screen electronic bus stop sign

The FETMX6ULL-C SoM is designed based on NXP's i.MX6ULL a low-power ARM Cortex-A7 processor running at speeds up to 800MHz. A low main frequency can reduce the heat generated by the CPU and extend the service life of the CPU. Its stable performance has been verified in long-term use in many fields.

FETMX6ULL-C SoM is highly integrated, compared with similar platforms, can ensure the performance, and has a lower power consumption. When the power supply is not convenient, you can also rely on solar batteries and others to maintain the operation, in line with the characteristics of green energy-saving products;It supports for eight serial ports, 2x Ethernet ports, and 2x CAN, with a variety of interfaces that can be used to connect multiple sensors, which makes it easy to enhance the functionality of electronic signs and enrich their display.

Dual-lane Ethernet can achieve dual-network redundancy. The 10M/100M adaptive Ethernet interface provides double insurance for the network. The support of WiFi and 4G also makes operation and maintenance more convenient.

E-ink electronic bus stop signs have several advantages, including low power consumption, high visibility, cost savings in maintenance, and environmental friendliness. They are capable of delivering clear real-time information, thereby enhancing the service quality of public transportation and improving passengers' travel experience. It is suitable for outdoor applications, especially in cases where information needs to be displayed for long periods and under complex lighting conditions.