T507 SoM Applied in Fuel Dispenser Solution

Here we'll introduce a solution for fuel dispensor with advanced features of facial recognizing and quick response payment, which will be much more convenient and time and cost saving. Here the solution we introduce is based on SoM FETT507-C.

SoM FET507-C is based on Allwinner automative grade SoC T507 which has all needed features for fuel dispensor. Quad-core processor runs at speed at up to 1.5GHz providing advanced computing performance for car license plate and facial recognitions and other complicate algorithms applications. Besides, It can also support 4K HD multimedia output.

Here is a topological graph for the solution.

System on Module FETT507-C Features

  • 1. Automative grade SoC with excellent stability;
  • 2. High cost efficient, Cortex-A53 architecture, 1.5GHz frequency, integrated with G31 GPU, 2GB DDR3L RAM and 8GB eMMC, working temperature ranges from -40℃ to +85℃;
  • 3. Plentiful peripherals including dual Ethernet ports, HDMI, USB, UART, LVDS, RGB, MIPI-CSI, IIS and other functional interface ready-to-use;
  • 4. Can support dual screen playing asynchronously or synchronously, one up to 4K HD output;
  • 5. Optimized OS: Android, Linux;
  • 6. Long longevity up to 10~ 15years.