FCU1201 Embedded Computer

CPU: i.MX6DualLite

Architecture: Cortex-A9

Frequency: 1.0GHz



System: Linux3.0.35

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FCU1201 Embedded Computer with NXP i.MX6DL Processor for Industrial Control

The FCU1201 embedded computer is powered by the NXP i.MX6DL processor, boasting a main frequency of up to 1GHz, 1GB of RAM, and 8GB of eMMC storage. Equipped with a range of integrated peripherals including RS485, CAN, ESAM, PSAM, USB, Ethernet, 4G, WIFI, LVDS, HDMI, DI, DO, and audio interfaces, it finds wide-ranging applications in EV chargers, advertising machines, vending machines, security systems, car electronics, industrial control, and power communication.

i.MX6DL embedded computer key features include:

  • Utilizes the high-performance, ultra-low-power Freescale i.MX6Dual Lite processor.
  • CPU natively supports and complies with the ISO7816 protocol, allowing users to work with encryption modules.
  • Incorporates a power failure safeguard to ensure the system continues running for 15 seconds to prevent critical data loss.
  • On-board ready-to-use connectors include 4x DI and 4x DO. The DI is designed with a photo coupler and wet node, with optional conversion to a dry node. The DO is designed with electromagnet relay protection.
  • Features 2x RS485 and 2x CAN interfaces, all with electrical isolation protection at 1.5KV and ESD4.
  • Supports a 7'' LVDS display for excellent interactive performance.
  • Standard mini HDMI interface supporting display options of 1080P, 720P, and 480P.
  • Standard DB9 connector for a debug port, offering convenience for debug testing and maintenance.
  • Multiple communication types including on-board Ethernet (100M), WIFI&BT, 4G, or GPRS modules.
  • Incorporates a standard SD card slot compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards with a capacity of up to 64G.
  • Features a standard 3.5mm stereo earphone jack and built-in microphone, with the option to expand with 1Wx2 speakers or a 3.5mm single-track microphone.
  • Includes LED indicators for system status monitoring such as system running, network status, and interface connection status.
  • TF card for system updating without dismantling the enclosure or for memory expansion.
  • Operates within a wide voltage range of 9V to 15V to avoid system failure due to voltage fluctuations.
  • The external case is constructed from aluminum alloy and includes mounting holes, with dimensions of 147 x 103 x 42mm.

FCU1201 Embedded Computer with NXP i.MX6DL Processor for Industrial Control

FCU1201 embedded computer Power failure detection,supercapacitor

FCU1201 embedded computer Excellent network performance and various data acquisition interfaces

FCU1201 embedded computer Powerful multimedica performance

FCU1201 embedded computer ESAM/PSAM security module

FCU1201 embedded computer Multiple communication peripherals

FCU1201 embedded computer Diagram

FCU1201 embedded computer Diagram

▊ Spec.

Hardware Features
Interface Spec.
CPU NXP i.MX6Dual Lite  ARM Cortex-A9 i.MX6Dual Lite@ 1GHz
External Storage standard TF card slot, can support up to 64GB(tested)
Mobile Communication Huawei ME909S module: China Mobile 4G/3G/2G, China Union 4G/3G/2G, China Telecom 4G; standard SIM card slot(marked as 4G on enclosure)
ESAM ISO7816, driver provided, chip should be bought by users
PSAM drawer mini SIM card slot(marked as SIM on enclosure), drivered provided by Forlinx, card should be prepared by users
DO 4x DO, megical relay isolated, contact capability: 1A 30VDC / 0.5A 125VAC / 0.3A 60VDC, connector: green terminal bond with pitch of 3.81mm

4x DI, photo coupler isolated, green terminal bond with pitch of 3.81mm; it's configured to DC voltage input by default, 3V~ 24V DC high levels and voltage below 1V DC low levels, it can also configured to internal isolated 5V

and external as dry contact only

Touch Screen standard DVI-I connector, LMT070DICFWD-AKA can be supported directly
Mini HDMI mini HDMI connector
Power Failure Solution CPU has one GPIO used for external power status monitoring; when the device is mounted with LMT070DICFWD-AKA only, the super capacitor can keep working for 15 seconds; when it detects internal 5V main power voltage drops more than 10%, the device will be powered off to avoid software failute caused by over-low voltage
UART(contains RS-485)

UART1: 3-wire serial, DB9 connector, non-isolated protectin, marked as Console on enclosure;

UART3: internally converted to RS-485-1, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4;

UART4: internally converted to RS-485-2, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4;

UART5: RS232, 3-wire, green terminal bond connector, non-isolated protection

USB 1x USB OTG, standard Micro USB connector, 1x USB Host, standard USB A connector

CAN1: CAN2.0 B, 1Mbps, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4

CAN2: CAN2.0B, 1Mbps, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4

Ethernet standard RJ45 connector, 10M/100/1000M auto-negotiation
Wi-Fi& BT model F23BUUM13-W2, standard: IEEE 802.11b/g/n 1T1R WLAN and Bluetooth 2.1/3.0/4.0
RTC chipset: RX8010SJ; on-board CR2032, can keep running for one year
Audio 3.5mm standard stereo earphone jack with built-in single channel microphone; it can support to expand 1W×2 speaker connector or 3.5mm single channel microphone connector(PCB is preserved with related pad, but holes are not available on enclosure)
Reset Key 1x reset key, for system reset
Boot Key 1x boot key, it can work together with reset key for system firmware updating
Power and Consumption rated voltage: 12V, can support voltage input from 9V to 36V, with reverse polarity connecting protection, when it's mounted with LMT070DICFWD-AKA display, total consumption is 5.1W
Dimensions 100mm*147.5mm*41.8mm(L*W*H)
Mounting 8x Φ3mm screws
Working Environment RH: 5%~95%, non-condensing. Commercial grade: 0℃~70℃, industrial grade: -40℃~70℃(note: WIFI module working temperature: 0℃~70℃), storage temperature: -40℃~85℃(note: WIFI module storage temperature -40℃~80℃)

Software Feature
Item Spec.
OS Linux-3.0.35
File System Ext3
GCC 4.6.2
RS485 provided with demo
RS232 provided with demo
CAN provided with demo
Network Protocols



10M/100M/1000 auto-negotiation, can support static/ dynamic IP address and MAC address settings

WiFi can support STA and AP
4G Wireless Network

ME909S module, can support China Mobile, China Union, China Telecom 4G wireless network

RTC NTP is supported
Watchdog reset time settings
Dual-screen Playing dual-screen playing asynchoronously
ESAM, PSAM provided with demo

TF card/ USB Storage

can support auto mounting

can be used for system installation and USB expanding

USB to quad-serial

Audio can support audio record and playback

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Provides the modules and accessories used in Forlinx's SBC.

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