FET7110-C System On Module

CPU: JH7110

Architecture: 4x RISC-V

Frequency: 1.5GHz



System: Linux 5.15.0

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FET7110-C System on Module Based on RISC-V JH7110

FET7110-C SoM(System on Module) is designed and developed based on the Jinghong(JH)7110 processor from StarFive Technology, with a process of 28 nm, an open source RISC-V architecture, a main frequency of 1.5 GHz, and four integrated RISC-V cores; JH7110 RISC-V chip has been mass-produced, featuring high performance, multi-function and low power consumption, providing powerful GPU processing capability, supporting multi-video coding and decoding, and supporting common function interfaces such as 2xPCIe 2.0, 2xGigabit Ethernet and 2xCAN 2.0. The SoM supports Linux 5.15.0 operating system, which is suitable for the development of industrial vision related applications.

FET7110-C SoM Highlights:

  • • RISC-V, open source;
  • • Quad-core RISC-V processor up to 1.5GHz;
  • • Versatile: 2x PCIe2.0, 2x 1GbE, 2x CAN2.0;
  • • Advanced GPU for multi-media processing;
  • • Well supported OS Linux5.15.0;
  • • Dynamic power control;

FET7110-C SoM

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module

Equipped with High-performance RISC-V Processor JH7110

JH7110 is a high-performance RISC-V SoC launched by StarFive Technology, which has been mass-produced in 2022 and is built for the embedded industry.
It features efficient computing, high-speed connectivity, and visual processing capabilities, meeting the requirements of industrial scenarios.

Forlinx RISC-V Processor JH7110 introduction

High-performance Quad-core 1.5 GHz MPU

JH7110 is equipped with a 64-bit high-performance quad-core RISC-V processor core.
The stable operating frequency of the CPU is 1.5 GHz, the CoreMark score is 5.09 CoreMark/MHz, and the performance is better than Cortex-A55.

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module Quad-Core 1.5 GHz MPU

Powerful GPU Rendering Capabilities

JH7110 GPU uses IMG BXE-4-32 MC1 architecture to provide strong processing power.
It operates at a frequency of 600MHz and supports mainstream APIs such as OpenCL 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.2, and Vulkan 1.2.
It provides sufficient computing power support for computer vision, in-depth learning, graphics rendering, and other applications.

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module GPU

Dynamic Power Control Matching Different Application Scenarios

JH7110 is divided into 8 independently switchable power domains. The CPU frequency can be adjusted via software, allowing customers to dynamically adjust the frequency
based on application scenarios and achieve power consumption control.

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module Dynamic Power Control

Outstanding Multimedia Processing Capabilities

JH7110 provides MIPI-CSI and DVP camera access modes, supports ISP, and supports up to 4K @ 60fps video decoding and 1080p @ 30fps video encoding.
It supports HDMI (4K @ 30fps), RGB (1080p @ 30fps) and MIPI-DSI (2K @ 30fps) display output interfaces, and can also realize dual-screen display.

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module Multimedia Processing

Rich Interfaces for Wider Applications

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module Rich Interfaces

Wide Range of Application Scenarios

RISC-V StarFive JH7110 system on module Application Scenarios

▊ RISC-V SoM Video

Forlinx Launched RISC-V SoM/SBC based on StarFive JH7110

▊ Hardware Features

FET7110-C SoM Features


StarFive JH7110

CPU: 4 x RISC-V @1.5GHz


• IMG BXE-4-32 MC1@600MHz
• OpenCL 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.2, Vulkan 1.2


•Video Decoding: H.265/H.264,4K@60fps or 1080p@30fps
•Video Encoding: H.265,1080p@30fps





Voltage input DC 5V

Operating temperature width

0~ +80℃


Board to board connector(3*80-pin, 0.5mm pitch)







HDMI2.0, up to 4K@30fps



4-lane MIPI DSI, up to 2K@30fps



4-lane, works with 1-lane/ 2-lane/ 3-lane/ 4-lane, each lane up to 2.5Gbps




Audio 1

8-lane I2S PCM/ TDM

Supports MIC and phone, one is for headphone, and the other is for 1W 8Ω mono speaker

SDIO 1 For TF card
Ethernet 2 GMAC, available for RMII/RGMII 10/100/1000 Mbps
PCIe2.0 1

PCIe2.0x1, 2 PCIe2.0 controllers integrated with PHY

USB2.0 1
Master/ slave mode, supports both HS mode and FS mode
USB3.0 1

Multiplexed with PCIe2.0


Maybe multiplexed with GPIO

CAN2.0B 2

2 CAN2.0B interfaces

Support for CAN2.0B protocol with data rates of up to 1Mbps

Support for CAN FD protocol with data rates of up to 3.7Mbps



Maybe multiplexed with GPIO



Maybe multiplexed with GPIO



Maybe multiplexed with GPIO




Core Board Appearance and Dimensions

FET7110 Core Board Appearance and Dimensions

▊ Carrier Board

OK7110-C Development Board
OK7110-C Development Board

To minimize your development workload, we can provide starter kits that can be used as complete development platforms for evaluation and application development.
OK7110-C Single Board Computer from Forlinx is based on StarFive JH7110 quad-core RISC-V SoC, with the SoM measuring 60*38mm. It provides powerful GPU processing capabilities, supports multi-channel video encoding and decoding, and supports 2x PCIe2.0, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, 2x CAN2.0 and other common functional interfaces, and supports Linux 5.15.0 system. Featuring open system architecture design, it can provide technical information for your secondary development.

▊ Downloads

Catalog: Forlinx Catalog Manual

Datasheet: FET7110-C SoM and OK7110-C SBC introduction

Linux5.15 Materials List

User manual, compiling guideline, GIT source, 3P tool and lib, reference files from StarFive, kernel source code, file system, OS image, VM ubuntu image, SD card making tool
Hardware Materials List User manual, carrier board schematic, carrier board PCB(AD), datasheet, carrier board and SoM DXF files, pinmux sheet

▊ Accessories

Please click here to get more information about the supported modules and accessories.

Optional Module
5G Module(RM500U)
4G Module(EM05)
10.1-inch LVDS Screen
7-inch MIPI Screen

▊ Technical Support

1. Files to be provided after buying

Hardware related: datasheet, user guide, carrier board schematic, carrier board PCB, SoM pinmux;

Firmware related: OS image, testing demo, source code, manual;

Compiling environment

2. Fast response after-sale technical support service

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