Light Up Smart Cities with 5G! FCU2302 Expands Possibilities for Smart Light Poles

5G FCU2302 Smart Cities

5G has become a battleground for tech giants and even national warriors, and in many of its applications, smart light poles have to be mentioned. As a new generation of urban information infrastructure with charging pile, video surveillance, environmental monitoring, light pole screen and other modules, 5G smart light pole not only shoulders the breakthrough of smart city construction, but also integrates the function of 5G base station, and takes on the heavy responsibility of 5G construction.

First, 5G smart light pole system principle

1, Perceptible output device:

That is, responsible for front-end data awareness and related output equipment, including lighting lights, all kinds of sensors, one-click alarm, camera, audio broadcast, LED screen and other equipment.

2, Communication control equipment:

That is, the equipment responsible for the data acquisition, communication and control of the output equipment, according to the environment and business needs of the optional street lamp dedicated gateway, industrial routers, RTU, digital harvester and so on.

3, Data instruction process:

The lower end of the communication control device is connected to the perceptive output device through the RS232, RS485 and other interfaces to realize the data acquisition and device control. Communication control equipment through 4G or wired communication with the platform system, to achieve real-time transmission of data and instructions.

5G FCU2302 Data instruction process

Second, the composition of the smart lamppost

The overall architecture of the smart rod system includes: infrastructure layer, access awareness layer, transmission layer, platform layer, application layer. It consists of rod subsystem, power supply and lightning protection subsystem, communication subsystem and management platform.

5G FCU2302 composition of the smart lamppost

1, Lighting control system

A, Single lamp / isomethgroup control

A variety of control methods, can be a single lamp or group remote light, turn off the light, dimming.

B, Energy-saving control

Define strategies according to scene requirements, achieve intelligent energy saving effect, and extend the life of lamps.

5G FCU2302 Energy-saving control

C, Equipment monitoring alarm

"On-line inspection" of the operating status, current, voltage, fault, etc. of each lamp.

D, Data analysis

Historical data analysis, according to business needs analysis of energy consumption, lighting rate, failure rate and so on.

2, Environmental monitoring system

All kinds of sensor monitoring data are transmitted to the cloud platform through communication control equipment, which enables automatic collection, analysis and storage of PM2.5, PM10, noise, temperature, humidity and other data in real time.

5G FCU2302 Environmental monitoring system

3, Charging pile system

Real-time communication with the platform, real-time detection and platform connection status, controller status and account balance status, real-time process control of abnormal situations, to ensure the high availability of the system.

The platform monitors the front-end electrical parameters (voltage, current, electrical energy, etc.) in real time, can set alarm rules, monitor the status of the front-end equipment, so that the equipment can take timely measures to deal with abnormalities.

4, LED display system

The platform supports the management of playback materials, the platform can set rules to push graphics, video information, such as site notifications, policy trends, commercials and so on.

5, Video surveillance system

To achieve the overall management of the camera, managers can access real-time video, gimbaric control, playback video, and remote storage video through computers, mobile phones.

6, Broadcasting system

The platform supports the management of audio playback footage, the intelligent scheduling of background music, radio broadcasts, notification information, and real-time search for information.

7, Emergency relief system

Networking with the public security system, the public in case of emergency can press the help button on the lamppost, monitoring center according to the specific situation of frequency monitoring linked to public security, medical, fire and other rescue units.

Third, 5G industrial gateway - FCU2302 embedded control unit

Forlinx's recommended FCU2302 embedded control unit is a high-performance, multi-interface, high bandwidth, large link, low latency 5G industrial gateway, from chips to modules all in an industrial-grade design. Widely used in smart factories, smart cities, smart medicine, driverless cars, virtual reality and other fields.

FCU2302 embedded computer

FCU2302 Smart Light pole gateway supports 4G/5G all-net, 6-way gigabit network, RS485, DI, DO and many other interfaces; CoreMark runs 45000 and features Huawei's 5G industrial module MH5000 with lS1046A's network acceleration engine to help users quickly connect to the Internet for secure and reliable data transmission Open system design for secondary user development.

Optional LS1043A, quad core 1.6GHz, CoreMark run score 26000

  • 1. SFP: 1-way SFP plus interface, maximum support of 10Gbps, can connect 5G micro-base station;
  • 2. Ethernet: native support for 6 gigabit networks, can connect video collection, information release, one-click call, public address, public Wi-Fi and other functions;
  • 3. DI, DO: input and output, single-light controller to collect electricity, street lamp fault judgment and other functions;
  • 4. RS485 2: Meteorological monitoring, environmental monitoring;
  • 5. WiFi: supports 2.4GHz, 5GHz dual-band WiFi;
  • 6. Electric vehicle charging pile equipment: to achieve electric vehicle charging management, billing payment function (available mesh or serial port);
  • 7. Support IPSEC, OPENSSL, OP-TEE, DPDK, ovs-DPDK, Lighttpd, Samba;