FCU1302 Embedded Computer







FCU1302 Embedded Computer

▊ Hardware Features

Product Name

FCU1 302 Embedded Computer

CPU TI Sitara AM3354@ 800MHz
Flash 1GB Nand Flash
External Storage 1x TF card slot (up to 32GB)
Communication Interface 3(2x SIM card slot, 1x GSM SIM card slot)
GPS GPS& Beidou
ESAM supported, ISO7816
PSAM supported, ISO7816
DO 6x 220V/ 5A, relay isolated, 3.81mm header
DI 6, external empty node provided, internal 12V isolated, optical isolation,  3.81mm header
LED and Keypad keypad: 4x 4, IIC interface; LED: 54-pin FPC connector, 10P, pitch of 2.0 dual-line connector
Touch Screen LVDS interface, compatible with 4-wire resistive touch/ USB touch, LCD preserved with 8080 LED or RGB display
Power Failure Detection 1x GPIO, one super capacitor, preserved with Li-battery interface: 5.4V, 5F

9x UART,

RS232/ UART ≥ 5: UART-00: debug port, UART-01: DP9, preserved UART-03 for ESAM or PSAM, UART-04 for card reader; USB UART for BT, USB-UART for GPS& Beidou module, USB-UART for GPRS module,

2x RS485: RS485-0 for metering, RS485-1 preserved

USB Host 1, standard USB A connector, for U-disk
CAN 2, CAN2.0B, electronical isolation
Ethernet 2, 10M/ 100M, RJ45
Audio built-in amplifier, 0.5W, 3.5mm jack, on-board GPIO buzzer
RTC on-board CR2032
Power rated voltage: DC12V, input range DC9V~ 15V, with anti-reverse protection. rated power: 20W, power failure maintenance: 15 seconds, provide 5V power for card reader which can compatible with 12V
Dimensions 190x 148x 71mm
Mounting Din-rail or screws
OS Linux3.14 or Linux3.2, GCC: gcc-linaro-4.9-2015.02, QT: 4.8.6 or 4.8.5, resistive touch screen driver dependent lib: tslib-1.4
Working environment RH: 5%~95%, non-condensing, working: -40℃~+70℃ , storage: -40℃~+85℃