New Arrival: FDU070S-R01 All-in-one HMI Tablet

FDU070S-R01 is an all-in-one tablet that Forlinx specially designed for HMI related applications.

FDU070S-R01 all-in-one tablet

This tablet is based on NXP Cortex-M7 crossover processor i.MX RT1052 at frequency of 528MHZ. Let's have a look at its features.

Product Features

  • 12V input, with reverse polarity and over-current protection;
  • 7'' display output, resolution of 800x480;
  • 4-wire resistive touching;
  • 1x10/100M Ethernet;
  • 1x RS485, isolated(DB9 male connector, multiplexed with RS422);
  • 1x RS422, isolated(DB9 male connector, multiplexed with RS485);
  • 1x RS232, with ESD protection circuit;
  • 1x CAN, isolated;
  • 1x USB, can be used for program installation and USB peripheral mounting;
  • can support TF Card external storage expanding;
  • RTC supported;
  • can support eeprom with IIC interface, default 2Kbit;
  • can support QSPI NorFlash, default 64Mbit;
  • can support Speaker output;
  • can support buzzer alarming;

7'' display output with resistive touching for users' GUI development

Fast Ethernet

Powerful throughout capability;

Flace Audio Output

Built-in separate audio module can be used for key tips, audio broad broadcast and TTS

Plenty Interface


Built-in passive buzzer and EEPROM convenient for indicate and data storage in different occisions.

Powerful Storage Capability

On-board RTC Unit

Instant Development

Preserved SWD for programming

Target Applications