What is a Development Board?

forlinx development board

The development board is used for embedded system development circuit board, including central processing unit, memory, input equipment, output equipment, data path/bus and external resource interface, such as a series of hardware components, is one of the carriers of division of labor and cooperation in the semiconductor industry, for the development of products to provide manufacturers with basic underlying hardware, systems and drives and other resources, so that users do not need to invest manpower and time to complete these underlying work.

Development board, conceptually, and software outsourcing is very similar, embedded product hardware, boot code, drivers, file systems, protocol layer, basic application software, these aspects, are the public and general part of electronic products, is not the key technology that products can form differentiation, in this era of division of labor cooperation, if this part of the workload is relatively large, or manufacturers do not have relevant developers, you can choose to complete these development work by third parties, speed up the process of product development, Realize the rapid market listing of products, seize the market opportunity.

Forlinx embedded board products integrate core functional circuits common to all embedded products, integrating processors with RAM, Flash memory, power management, LCD, Ethernet, USB, and other common interfaces into compact, reliable, electromagnetically compatible electronic motherboards. With core board product development, you can avoid complex processor development, BGA design, high-speed PCB cabling, design validation and EMC compliance design, while eliminating a lot of board debugging and BSP development work.

When choosing a development board, you actually choose not only a hardware board, the source code provided by the board and other resources, but also a partner, a partner to provide users with hardware and software services.

Similar to software outsourcing, cooperation between users and suppliers is more software cooperation, requiring full communication between users and suppliers according to the specific needs of the product, suppliers should constantly call people to cooperate according to the needs of users. Like our Forlinx in support of customer product development process, encountered such as file system changes, serial testing, 64M Flash to 128M Flash and other issues, most of the situation is to be resolved through software, which forms the embedded industry suppliers after-sales support and customer research and development of a high degree of interaction.

In other words, embedded board is the carrier of user software outsourcing, compared with the traditional software outsourcing business, the board can actually provide users with both hardware physical and software services value.