RK3399 SBC Linux Dual Gigabit Ethernet Solution-RTL8153

Platform: Forlinx RK3399 Single-board Computer

System: Linux ( Linux 4.4.189+buildroot )

Solution: Single board computer native network port + LJN-HB0004 (RTL8153)

Linux4.4.189 integrates the driver of the RTL8152 USB to the network port by default. The kernel compilation options are as follows:

RTL8152 USB to the network port


When the development board is inserted into the RTL8153 module of the USB interface, the system does not recognize the module and reports the following information:

Unknown version 0x6010

Retrieved the driver code and found that the driver does not support the 0x6010 version of the module, but the driver's comment information indicates that this driver is suitable for RTL8153, it should only be a problem of version compatibility, and upgrading the driver version should be able to solve it.

Retrieve the r8152.c in the higher version of the kernel, indeed the 0x6010 version has been supported. After the driver is upgraded, insert the module and the system will automatically identify and generate the eth1 interface. The print information is as follows:

The test results of the OK3399-C development board are as follows:

Compared with the native Gigabit Ethernet port, you can see that there is basically no difference in speed: