Smart Express Cabinet Hardware Solution Based on FCU1401


FCU1401 is an embedded computer specially designed for target applications such as vending machine, express cabinet, refuse classification and other intelligent applications, it's integrated with display, communication and control functions all-in-one.

  • 1.Quad-core/ Octa-core processor with frequency up to 1.4GHz, can support both Linux and Android systems;
  • 2.Can support OpenGL ES and OpenVG™, 1080P HD hardware codec engine, take users friendly HMI experience;
  • 3.Can support 4G, WIFI, Ethernet communication types, also available with serial, USB and audio interface, besides, hardware watchdog, boot time setting, boot logo and unique ID are all supported
  • 4.Target application: vending machine, express cabinet, refuse classification, digital signage, advertising machine, bus stop board and other intelligent applications.

▼ Hardware structure

  • 1.FCU1401 is based on Samsung S5P4418@ 1.4GHz, compatible with S5P6818. Can support Android5.1 and Linux3.4.39.
  • 2.Main displays can be a 7''-55'' display, 1080P output can be used for advertising; secondary display can be an LVDS display for HMI. FCU1401 can support HDMI and LVDS synchronously playing, 1080P@ 60FPS hardware decoding, and 3D.
  • 3.Can support 4G, WiFi, and Ethernet. WIFI AP is also supported. 4G can be used for wireless networks and also can be used for SMS.
  • 4.8x RS232 or 8x RS485 can be used for code scanning modules, locking modules, readers, printers, and other related peripherals.
  • 5.Can support web or USB cameras, 1080P video encode@ 30FPS.
  • 6.Can support hardware watchdog, timing, remote data monitoring, boot logo setting, unique ID and system remote updating.
  • 7.Excellent stability, available for 7x24h running

▼ Diagrame

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