OKMX6UL-C3 Applied in Link Iot Edge

The rapid development of the Internet of Things technology has promoted the service model of cloud computing. Since the concept of cloud computing was put forward in 2005, it has begun to change the way we live, study, and work. Like now we use more Alibaba Cloud and Baidu Cloud, Tencent Weiyun, etc. are typical representatives. We no longer stick to the limitation of local storage space and no longer fear that accidental deletion will cause permanent memories to be wiped out.

These are the conveniences brought to us by cloud services, but the "post-cloud" era is not only about the interconnection of everyone, hundreds of millions of devices will also be connected to the cloud, generating a lot of data in our daily lives, according to Cisco It is estimated that nearly 50 billion things will be connected to the Internet in 2019. If everything connected to the cloud relies on cloud computing, it not only requires higher-speed bandwidth to output a large amount of invalid data but also creates a huge burden on the cloud. The final result is long processing events, low efficiency, and high cost.

So a new type of computing model was proposed-edge computing. Edge computing refers to processing data at the edge of the network, which can reduce request response time, improve battery life, reduce network bandwidth, and ensure data security and privacy.

In layman's terms, edge computing is (server) cloud computing and you don't bother to forget it. For this point of data, when you collect data, you can calculate it by the way. Everything is calculated on the server, which is very tiring. So, this is how edge computing comes.

Problems solved by Alibaba Cloud Link Iot Edge computing:

1.Through the three steps of deployment, driver installation, and network connection, the device is connected to the edge computing node, which is the edge gateway;

2.The edge gateway pre-installed with the Edge function will calculate the collected data, even if it is offline, it will not be terminated;

3.Alibaba Cloud selectively aggregates and processes the raw data of the gateway, and uploads the effective data to the cloud for storage and calculation.

The previous computing architecture of cloud and end two-body collaboration can no longer meet the needs of the Internet of Things era. Cloud + edge + end three-body collaboration has become a better solution. The edge computing gateway plays a role of connecting the past and the next, using embedded ARM The gateway of the processor has more abundant interfaces, and more sensors and nodes can be connected to the south direction.

The northbound connection to the cloud can be embedded with various network protocols such as RJ45, 4G, WiFi and other network interfaces and modules.

As Alibaba Cloud's ecological partner, Forlinx Embedded has launched a series of solutions for edge computing gateways.

OKMX6UL-C3 is a gateway product for energy management, power, communication, security, charging piles, and other fields. The gateway adopts the processor i.MX6UL of NXP Cortex-7 architecture, and the main frequency is 528MHZ. It has low power consumption, high performance, advantages of rich interfaces, and high reliability.

OKMX6UL-C3 has successfully transplanted and deployed Alibaba Cloud Link Iot Edge (Edge Computing Development Kit). The development of this product has the following advantages and features:

Factory built-in remote operation and maintenance capabilities

Users are no longer in trouble for remote control, OKMX6UL-C3 supports remote console, remote file management, remote equipment, log service.

Stability and safety are guaranteed

Through secure storage, secure channels, and security monitoring, each message is guaranteed to flow safely, and message routing is used to control whether the message flows and where to go. Large amounts of data will flow in major events such as Nov 11 and Dec 12, and stable data support is the guarantee for the security and reliability of the gateway.

In the future, Forlinx will have more products to support Alibaba Cloud's edge computing capabilities, including more distinctive capabilities, such as AI capabilities. Please stay tuned!