Forlinx Embedded Visits TI US Headquarter to Deepen Communication and Cooperation

Recently, the official of Forlinx Embedded and his team arrived at TI Headquarter ,located in Dallas, USA, for a visit. They had deep conversation with TI product team and sales team, co- exploring how to better provide customers with high-efficient and reliable embedded solutions.

Forlinx Visits TI US Headquarter

During the communication, the official of Forlinx Embedded introduced the company's situation in detail, and focused on explaining the development and promotion of embedded SoM products based on TI AM62x series, and looked forward to have a deeper and more comprehensive cooperation with TI.

TI product team leader highly affirms and appreciates Forlinx Embedded 's technical strength, resource advantages and industry influences. During the cooperation, TI's products have also been more deeply explored and applied in fields such as industrial IOT, smart power, medical care, agriculture, dynamic environment monitoring, and smart retail.

The visit not only deepens two side’s cooperation, but also creates more active and beneficial conditions for future cooperation. Folinx Embedded is willing to joint hands with more colleagues to bring more high-quality, efficient, and reliable products and services to customers, assist in the upgrading of the global intelligent and digital industries, and face future opportunities, changes, and challenges actively and positively.