How Work with RT-Thread in SoM FET1052-C

FET1052-C is a Cortex-M7 SoM designed based on NXP i.MXRT1052 processor with supporting of Bare Metal, uCLinux and FreeRTOS. RT-Thread is a new feature of this SoM.

RT-Thread version in FET1052-C is 4.0.1, and it's supported with below drivers

Driver Prepherial
 sdio/ file system  micro SD/ TF card
 serial port driver  uart1(debug), uart2
 IIC   EEPROM/ RX8010SJ/ TSC2007
 enet              enet(P17)



 SPI  spi3(kpp)
 LCD  4.3''(480x 272)/ 7''(800x 480)
 resistive touching          TSC2007
 emwin GUI  4.3''(480x 272)/ 7''(800x 480)

Here we will introduce how to work with 4.3'' LCD in RT-Thread and test emWin

After downloading and compiling, please follow below steps

1. connect OK1052-C development board with 4.3'' LCD, and power on the board

When the system run the first time, calibration is needed, please click the cross icon to finish calibration

Note: the calibration parameters will be wrote into eeprom, so users do not need do calibration operation every time for system running. If to do re-calibration operation, users can input clear command of msh />clear_calibrate_para and then restart the board to do re-calibration

2. Calibration done and get into main interface, touching function is available

RT-Thread with emWin is configured with LCD driver, which is ready-to-use,users can run emWin to do application development directly.