Application of FCU1101 in-number extraction gateway in power efficiency management system

Power energy efficiency management is the key measure to reduce energy consumption, reduce operating costs and improve competitiveness, which has become the focus of the whole society. With the revolutionary progress of electronic technology and the continuous improvement of software technology, a variety of electronic devices, combined with software technology, to achieve the overall energy consumption of the enterprise real-time monitoring and management.

First, energy management system network structure

1.Data acquisition layer

A variety of energy metering monitoring devices, such as transformer station area, distribution room, switch cabinet, floor distribution box protection device, multi-functional instrumentation, ring sensors, wireless Internet of Things instruments.

The various monitoring devices in the data acquisition layer must have communication functions, the most common being the RS485 interface.

The devices in the data acquisition layer transmit the monitored data through the RS485 interface to the communication management machine (or serial server) and connect to the data server and management software through the port on the communication management machine.

2.Network communication layer

The network communication layer determines how the data collected by the data acquisition layer is transmitted to the data server.

Depending on the amount invested in the network communication layer, fiber optic communication, 4G wireless communication, RJ45 interface communication, etc. can be used.

The internal network often uses authentication, data encryption and other means to ensure the safe transmission of data.

3.System management

With application software as the core, including database system, Web server, etc., the data collected through the data acquisition layer, and stored in the server through the network communication layer for classification, monitoring, and output by the printer into a report, or through the screen wall to make certain data public.

When some data is abnormal, the output relay signal on the meter of the data acquisition layer controls the opening and closing of the corresponding circuit or valve.

You can send text messages or emails to your phone or email via the internet.

Second, data collectors

In the whole power efficiency management system, the data collector occupies a very important position, which is also the difficulty of development work, the data collector is composed of embedded hardware, Linux system and application.

The hardware composition framework is as follows:

For digital, networked and visual industry applications in energy and energy management, Forlinx has introduced the FCU1101 inter-digital acquisition gateway.

Third, FCU1101 joint number of mining gateway in the energy consumption monitoring system application

The FCU1101 set LORA, serial port, network, 4G wireless communication, hard encryption and protocol conversion functions are integrated to realize the functions of collecting, monitoring, managing and load monitoring the data of the medium and low voltage distribution network. Through the energy consumption monitoring system of FCU1101, which can collect transformer station area, power distribution room, switch cabinet, floor distribution box protection device, multi-function instrument, ring sensor, wireless Internet of Things instrument, all kinds of power parameters and environmental parameters, the system provides real-time online monitoring of power data, fault alarm, remote control, energy statistics, energy efficiency analysis, report query and other functions, to meet the needs of high energy consumption enterprises, hospitals, universities, large public construction and other applications.


  • ● Fast Ethernet: realize the connection between the local server and the cloud platform;
  • ● Multiple wireless communication methods: WiFi, 4G, LoRa, adapt to various field applications;
  • ● Abundant interface resources: support 4 RS485 channels, which can be connected with multi-channel terminal sensing equipment;
  • ● Provide a stable operating system: Linux 3.14 to facilitate the secondary development of customers;
  • ● Strict interface protection design: support 9~36V wide voltage input, with anti-reverse connection protection and overcurrent protection;

In the data or information collection layer, FCU1101 interlocking digital extraction gateway can be very competent for real-time collection, measurement, computational analysis, reflecting the dynamic changes of data and other tasks, the historical data storage and query.

FCU1101 connected digital and energy-saving management gateway can not only realize the digitalization, networking and visualization of energy and energy-saving management, but also help enterprise managers grasp energy costs, control and improve management efficiency in real time, and reduce operating costs.

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