FETT507-C SoM for Vehicle Monitoring and 360° Surround View System Optimization and Expansion

As engineering vehicles become smarter, onboard dashboards and 360°surround view systems are now standard configuration. The onboard dashboard monitors vehicle status in real-time, while the 360° surround view system offers a complete view of the surroundings, helping drivers better get the vehicle’s surroundings. To meet market demand and enhance the safety performance and operational efficiency of engineering vehicles, we offer the following solutions: onboard dashboard and 360° surround view system for engineering vehicles.

Vehicle Monitoring and 360° Surround View System Optimization and Expansion

Function Description:

  • Real-time Monitoring: Through the onboard dashboard, drivers can instantly access the operational status of engineering vehicles, such as engine speed, vehicle speed, hydraulic oil pressure, etc. Simultaneously, the 360° surround view system can instantly collect image data of the vehicle's surrounding environment, offering a comprehensive perspective to assist drivers in better understanding their surroundings.
  • Data Display and Interaction: The on-board instrument panel has a clear and intuitive interface, which can display various data and information. Drivers can interact with the instrument panel through the touch screen or other input devices to achieve information inquiry, parameter setting, and other functions.
  • Remote Monitoring and Diagnosis: Through the communication module, this solution can achieve communication with the remote monitoring center, upload the vehicle operation status data and image data of the 360° Around View system, and receive remote control commands. This helps the management personnel conduct remote management of vehicles and improve operation efficiency.
  • Stability and Reliability: Both the hardware and software designs of this solution possess high stability and reliability, enabling them to operate stably for a long time in complex vehicle environments without being prone to malfunctions or damage.
  • Easy to Operate and Maintain: This solution offers drivers seamless usage with minimal maintenance costs.

FETT507-C SoM for Vehicle Monitoring and 360° Surround View System Optimization and Expansion

Forlinx Embedded recommends the FETT507-C SoM as a hardware solution. Here are the optimizations and extensions of the solution:

1. Support for AHD Analog High-definition Cameras: The FETT507-C SoM integrates AHD analog high-definition camera input and adopts the MIPI_CSI solution to enable signal acquisition from four AHD analog cameras. This not only provides a comprehensive view but also assists drivers in better understanding the surroundings of the vehicle, thereby enhancing driving safety.

2. Stable CAN Data Acquisition: By utilizing a stable and mature SPI-to-CAN conversion solution, real-time vehicle operational data can be collected, providing robust support for vehicle monitoring and data analysis.

3. Flexible Expansion with Multiple Interfaces: Supporting the I2C interface allows for convenient integration of audio chips for in-vehicle audio data acquisition or connection to other external sensors. Additionally, it supports four display output interfaces including RGB, LVDS, HDMI, and CVBS, with a maximum display resolution of 4K, meeting the display needs of different sizes and resolutions.

4. Communication and Positioning Capabilities: The FETT507-C SoM integrates GPS and 4G modules to enable daily vehicle communication, remote access, and positioning functions, providing support for remote vehicle monitoring.

5. Real-time Video Stream Storage: The SoM supports external SD card connection for real-time video stream storage, facilitating easy playback and data analysis.

6. GPIO Interface and Button Functionality: The provision of GPIO interfaces caters to various physical button function requirements, facilitating user operation and control.

7. Support for Multiple Operating Systems: The FETT507-C system on module supports various operating systems, including Linux 4.9 and Android 10.0, offering users greater possibilities for further development.