Smart Bus Payment Machine Core Control Platform Solution Based on Allwinner T113-i System on Module

Overview Description

In modern urban public transport, bus scanning and swiping machines are a convenient and fast payment method that allows passengers to pay their fares more conveniently and quickly, avoiding the problem of finding change as well as the time and security problems associated with cash transactions; it can automatically calculate fares and facilitate statistics and analysis of data, which largely improves the efficiency of bus operation and management; the device not only provides passengers with convenient and efficient bus payment and information services but also enhances the experience of public transportation services.

The intelligent bus card reader is equipped with a universal NFC card reader module and an embedded QR code scanner, which can be compatible with the recognition of both public transportation IC card payments and QR code scanning for payment. The system has an open interface for secondary development and docking. Passengers can use smart cards for payment, mobile NFC payment, and QR code scanning payment. It can have an embedded PSAM card slot and can be compatible with universal transit cards, UnionPay, credit cards, and other payment methods, making it a vehicle terminal that supports all payment methods and can be applied globally.

What is even more remarkable is that it comes with a high-definition facial recognition camera, which enables in-vehicle mobile facial payment functionality. In particular, with the trend towards autonomous buses in the future, multi-functional vehicle terminals can also be effectively utilized.

Smart Bus Payment Machine Core Control Platform Solution Based on Allwinner T113-i System on Module


Two-dimensional code scanning: Support a variety of common two-dimensional code formats.Credit card payment: Support multiple payment methods such as bus card, bank card, IC card, NFC, etc.

Information display: Provide high-definition display screen, real-time display of the welcome message, ticket price, deduction status, etc.

Audio prompt: Built-in speaker supporting functions such as payment success notification.

Data statistics: Payment data can be uploaded to achieve real-time statistics and analysis of data, providing a basis for the optimisation of the public transport system.

Remote Positioning: Support remote GPS positioning.

Main Functional Interface Programme:

Smart Bus Payment Machine Core Control Platform Main Functional Interface Programme

Integrated Barcode/IC Card Scanner for Buses Based on FET113i-S - Overall Solution Recommendation:

  • FET113i-S SoM is developed based on the industrial-grade processor Allwinner T113-i, with a main frequency of 1.2GHz, equipped with a multi-core and multi-architecture design: integrating dual-core Cortex-A7 CPU, 64-bit XuanTie C906 RISC-V CPU, and DSP;
  • On-board 256MB + 256MB and 512MB + 8GB configurations to meet product planning options;
  • Support a variety of peripheral interfaces: USB, CAN, I2S, GPIO, UART, SPI; can connect camera module, card module, speaker, 4G/5G, GPS, etc.;
  • Powerful multimedia audio and video processing capabilities, support a variety of display interfaces, including RGB, MIPI-DSI, LVDS interfaces, support H.265 (4K@ 30fps), MPEG-4 (1080p @ 60fps), JPEG (1080p @ 60fps) and other full-format decoding. JPEG/MJPEG (1080p @ 60fps) format encoding; supports 8-bit parallel CSI, CVBS video input, CVBS, RGB, 2-channel LVDS, 4-channel MIPI DSI video output; also suitable for audio-related applications through DSP support.