Robot Teaching Machine Hardware Solution based on AM335x

Robot Teaching Machine Hardware Solution based on AM335x

From the above picture, we can learn that by a teaching box, we can send a reminder or talk to the robot; and by the teching box communication command, we can control the target servomotor.

Considering the capacity variance of operators, to satisefied demand from different operators, a good teaching box should be friendly, easy-to-operate, touch-sensitive and as many functions as possible.

FET335xD is a system on module designed by Forlinx based on TI Sitara series processor AM3354 which belongs to Cortex-A8 architecture and frequency 800MHz. All components on the SoM are industrial grade which allow the SoM can work well in -40℃ to +85℃. It has on-board RAM 512MB DDR3 and flash 256MB NANDFlash, and also designed with MPU TPS65217C. The SoM has 200 pins available for scalablility.

The above picture is a portable teaching box which cosists of carrier board and SoM, the SoM supplied by 5V power, MPU is TPS65217 IIC interface, it can support USB, 5V power adapter or Li-battery three power solutions. 8* 8 and 4* 4 keyboards are both supported. Flash is 256MB or 1GB SLC NAND Flash optional. 10/ 100/ 1000M auto-negotiation Ethernet can be used for connection with EtherCAT masters station to do command data communication to do signal collecting and controlling. Besides, it can support different dispay types(7'' RGB LCD, 10.1'' LVDS display). As for software, it's supported with Linux3.2 with QT4.8.6.

Advantages of FET335xD

  • 1.FET335XD is supported with Linux3.2(UBI and YA FFS file systems), Win CE6.0, WinCE7.0 and Android.
  • 2.Dual-watchdog, the SoM FET335xD has a CPU native watchdog and also has hardware watchdog circuit, when it has problem with the timer, hardware watchdog will reset system within 2 seconds for self-preotection and reboot system.
  • 3.Generally, multiple keys will be needed for field programmming and information importing, the FET335xD is designed with two dual-row 100-pin connectors and can support GPIO up to 100. Engineers can choose to use separate keys or metrix keypad, Forlinx kindly provide hardware module and key testing demo.
  • 4.Besides, a teaching box should have a simple GUI, AM335x processor can support RGB888 24-bit display controller which can support 3DGFX, 4-wire or 5-wire touching controller
  • 5.FET335xD is designed with SLC NAD Flash solution which can support erasing operation up to 10 thousand times; Linux system always has programs to be written to NAND Flash, also system log and service also need do frequently operating to the storage chip, which may cause bad blocks of the flash chip, while FET335xD is supported with system booting backup mechanism, a certain bad block won't cause a system failure.

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