Spectrum Analyzer

Compared with traditional spectrum analyzer, the wireless spectrum analyzer has advange of compact size like a mobile phone, some portable wireless spectrum analyzer designed with Li-battery for power supplying rather than connected with external 220V power.

The i.MX RT1052 can improve display performance, AD sampling rate and real-time processing.

i.MX RT1052 MCU is a Cortex-M7 featuring item with frequency up to 528MHz, it espectially suitable for mixed signals processing. Besides, it has various peripheral interface for function scalability such as U-two-radio, audio record and analysis system, etc. Forlinx FET1052-C system on module(SoM) has below features:

  1. 1. ADC interface: high rate and accuracy;
  2. 2. SPI interface: drive ADF4351 modul;
  3. 3. RGB interface: GUI


  1. 1. ADC interface: mounted with ADF4351 module, the module has two antennas, one is TX for signal sending with special frequency, and the other one is RX for receiving signals from TX and signals around the module(including flat noise, then combine and send them to amplifier and low-pass filter for processing, and at last converted to voltage analogy signals. The analogy signals will be collected by FET1052-C, U-t signals will be converted by FFT to S-f(spectrum). The spectrum changes with signal strength, it can sense low-frenquency radios, GSM, CDMA, 4G, WIFI andNBIOT signals.
  2. 2. LCD interface: for S-f displaying, besides, virtual keys can support SPAN and frequency settings(START/STOP/CENT), marking peak value(PEAK), full-band scanning(FULL), special frequency marking(MARKER), set scanning time span(DELAY), click an icon to do related menu operations.
  3. 3. MIC interface: analysis recorded audion and show the result on LCD and then save it to flash, at last play it by Phone.
  4. 4. Ethernet: connects with PC, and communicate with upper machine by TCP, set frequecy, band width, time span and other related value.