FET1052-C System on Module

CPU: i.MXRT1052

Architecture: Cortex-M7

Frequency: 528MHz

RAM: 512KB SRAM ,16MB SDRAM,32MB SDRAM(optional)

ROM: 4MB QSPI NorFlash(16MB optional)

System: UcLinux,FreeRTOS,RT-Therad,Bare Metal

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System on Module FET1052-C based on i.MX RT1052

FET1052-C is an system on module(SoM) designed based on NXP Cortex-M7 i.MX RT1050 series processor, the one we use is i.MXRT1052. It operates at speeds up to 528MHz to provide high CPU performance and best real-time response. The i.MX RT1052 processor has 512 KB on-chip RAM,which can be flexibly configured as TCM or general-purpose on-chip RAM. 16MB/ 32MB SDRAM, 4MB/ 16MB QSPI-NorFlash are optional on SoM FET1052-C.

The SoM FET1052-C is an industrial grade item with working temperature ranges from -40℃ to +85℃ and it has a compact appearance that dimensions only 31mm * 43mm, the SoM is designed with a couple of 80-pin connectors with pitch of 0.8mm, all 160pins of the processor are drawn out with GPIO up to 124 pins. Other peripheral pins such as UART, Ethernet, USB, CAN, PWM, ADC, LCD and CAMERA are all available. What's more, OS uClinux is supported very well.

FET1052-C core board
FET1052-C core board

Dual-form cross-border design

FET1052-C core board supports bare-metal running, FreeRTOS, RT-Thread and uCLinux operating systems,
and has the dual forms of MCU and MPU. It can be selected on demand and is more flexible. Support bare metal program, easy to use,

High real-time performance and lower power consumption; support uCLinux operating system, multi-task operation, easy code maintenance, and strong application portability.

FET1052-C core board supports bare-metal
FET1052-C core board supports bare-metal

High performance, high real-time, low power consumption

The main frequency of the core board is 528MHz, Coremark runs 3020, 1284 DMIS; 512KB tightly coupled memory,
interrupt latency is as low as 20ns; When the CPU is running at full load, the power consumption of the core board is only 0.5W.

FET1052-C core board
FET1052-C core board

Industrial grade quality

The board design fully considers the signal integrity to ensure the best electrical performance;
optimizes the power supply architecture and adjusts the power supply sequence to improve the robustness of the system.

Industrial grade FET1052-C core board
Industrial grade FET1052-C core board

Powerful scalability

The core board leads out all the processor function pins, and 124 GPIOs can be configured.
Natively supports LCD, Camera, USB, UART, CAN, Ethernet, PWM and other functional interfaces.

Industrial grade FET1052-C core board
Industrial grade FET1052-C core board

Powerful multimedia capabilities

24-bit LCD interface, maximum support 1366*768, support 2D graphics acceleration, support emWIN graphics library in MCU mode.
Support parallel camera interface and 3-lane IIS audio interface.

Industrial grade FET1052-C core board
Industrial grade FET1052-C core board

Native data encryption

The internal integration of real-time encryption and decryption functions, the externally expanded ROM information is encrypted and then burned,
and the acceleration module inside the CPU chip can realize real-time decryption to ensure the efficiency of program execution.

Industrial grade FET1052-C core board
Industrial grade FET1052-C core board

Rich and practical communication interface

Support 8 UART, up to 5Mbps; 10/100M adaptive Ethernet, support lwip protocol package;
Support 2 CAN, 2.0B protocol; Support 20 ADC, 12-bit precision; Support 32 PWM, complementary output, orthogonal decoding , Motor fault detection.

Rich and practical communication interface
Rich and practical communication interface

Easy to develop

MCU development tools support Keil, IAR, ARM-GCC, and more, as well as Amazon, FreeRTOS, SDK, ARMmbed, and the global ARM ecosystem of software libraries,
online tools, and corresponding support for rapid prototyping and development. MPU development tools still use Ubuntu plus GCC, which engineers are familiar with.

Industrial grade FET1052-C core board
Industrial grade FET1052-C core board

Multiple certifications

Committed to improving product stability, it has been certified by CE FCC RoHS

FET1052-C core board Multiple certifications
FET1052-C core board Multiple certifications

Small size

The core board is small in size, only 31mm x 43mm, and is designed with anti-reverse board-to-board connectors for pre-development testing and late batch assembly.

i.MX RT1052 core board
i.MX RT1052 core board
i.MX RT1052 core board
i.MX RT1052 core board

Development Board interface display

Development Board interface display
Development Board interface display

Application areas

System on module application
System on module application

▊ Hardware Features

Overview of FET1052-C System on Module
CPU i.MXRT1052
Architecture Cortex-M7
Frequency 528MHz
Flash QSPI Nor Flash      4MB/16MB
OS Bare metal, FreeRTOS, uCLinux, RT-Thread
Power In 5V
Dimensions 31mm×43mm
PCB thickness 1.6mm, 4-layer PCB, ENIG
Package board to board connector, 2*80pin, pitch 0.8mm
Working Temperature -40℃~+85℃

FET1052-C System on Module Features
Interface QTY Spec.

upto RGB888, resolution up to 1366* 768*(WXGA), 480*x 272 and 800* 480 are available


8-bit DVP, up to 5.0MP


SD card or SDIO card with 1-bit or 4-bit mode


1x USB2.0 OTG(up to 480Mbps), 1x USB2.0 host, integrated with HS USB Phy

SAI ≤3

up to 3x IIS audio


Sony/ Philips digital audio interface


each up to 5.0Mbps

SPI ≤4

full duplex enhanced sync. serial interface, up to 52Mbit/s, it could be configured to host/ device mode, four chip selections are available


IIC ≤4
Ethernet ≤1 10/100Mbps auto-negotiation
PWM ≤32 32x PWM
SWD supported
KeyPad supported 8*8
CAN ≤2 CAN  2.0B
ADC ≤20

2x 12-bit ADC, up to 20 input channels


16-bit parallel bus

▊ Software Features

Bare Metal DEMO
gpt lpi2c
pit kpp
PWM enc
rtwdog sai
ewm lpspi
dcp enet
snvs flexspi
src sdcard
trng sdcard_fatfs
cache edma
flexcan tsc
gpio usb(HOST, OTG)
gpio semc
adc csi:CMOS
adc_etc elcdif
cmp PXP
qtmr emwin
lpuart(UART2) flexram
uCLinux Demo
build up of compiling environment Ethernet
Compile application UART
Make file system image LED GPIO OUT
TF card booting/ iamge flashing User key
micro SD/TF card driver LCD FrameBuffer
USB HOST Tsc resistive touching
FreeRTOS Demo
lpi2c Lwip
event queue
mutex sem, sem_static
swtimer tickless
RT-Thread Demo
read and write file system UART testing
gpio enet
i2c rtc
spi LCD/resistive touch screen/emwin testing

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