FDU070S-R01 Embedded Computer

CPU: i.MXRT1052

Architecture: Cortex-M7

Frequency: 528MHz

RAM: 16MB SDRAM,32MB SDRAM(optional)

ROM: 4MB QSPI NorFlash,16MB QSPI NorFlash

System: UcLinux,FreeRTOS,RT-Therad,Bare Metal

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All-in-one HMI Tablet/ Mini PC FDU070S-R01

FDU070S-R01 is an all-in-one tablet or mini PC designed by Forlinx based on SoM FET1052-C which is based on NXP Cortex -M7 featuring processor i.MX RT1052 . It operates at speeds up to 528MHz to provide high CPU performance and best real-time response. The i.MX RT1052 processor has 512 KB on-chip RAM,which can be flexibly configured as TCM or general-purpose on-chip RAM. 16MB/ 32MB SDRAM, 4MB/ 16MB QSPI-NorFlash are optional.It's integrated with peripherals such as RS485, RS422, RS232, CAN, USB, Ethernet, TF card, 2Kbit eeprom, 64Mbit QSPI NOR Flash, RTC, speaker and buzzer which are all ready-to-use. The display is a 7'' LCD with resolution of 1024x 600.

Simple structure, flexible assembly

The design of the instrument structure has been carefully considered, so that the structure is as simple as possible, and the reliability of the product is improved.

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 Simple structure
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 Simple structure

The interface is smooth and easy to operate

User-friendly resistive touch screen panel design, easier to operate, user-friendly, 7-inch large screen.

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with touch screen
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with touch screen

Excellent performance and powerful

With NXP high-performance Cortex-M7 embedded microprocessor as the main controller,
it has the performance of application processor and the ease of use and real-time of microprocessor, which makes the device very reliable, stable and easy to use.

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with embedded microprocessor
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with embedded microprocessor

Rich interface, static protection

Internal integration RS485, RS422, RS232, CAN, USB, Ethernet port, TF Card, 2Kbit eeprom,
64Mbit QSPI Norflash, RTC, audio SPEAKER output, buzzer and other functions and modules, communication interface for isolation static protection;

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with interface
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with interface

High-fidelity audio output

Built-in independent audio module for button broadcast, voice broadcast, and audio playback

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with audio output
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 with audio output

Secondary development is possible, simple programming method

The device can be re-developed through the USB or SWD interface, and the interface display and communication data format can be changed arbitrarily

All-in-one FDU070S-R01
All-in-one FDU070S-R01

Low power consumption

MPU performance, MCU power consumption

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 MPU performance
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 MPU performance

Application areas

Power industry, industrial control , Internet of Things, PLC, inverters, etc

All-in-one FDU070S-R01 Application areas
All-in-one FDU070S-R01 Application areas

▊ Spec.

Item Spec.
CPU NXP i.MXRT1052  ARM Cortex-M7 528MHz
ROM QSPI NorFlash   4MB/ 16MB
Ethernet 1-ch, 10/100Mbps
RS485 1-ch, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4
RS422 1-ch, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4
RS232 1-ch, ESD 4
CAN 1-ch, 1.5KV isolated protection, ESD4
USB 1-ch, ESD 4
TF Card up to 50Mbps
RTC supported
QSPI NorFlash 64Mbit
SPEAKER 1-ch, can support 1W8Ω speaker output
Reset Key 1-ch
Boot Key 1-ch, works together with reset key to update firmware, it can also be used as user's definition
Power IN main power input: DC 12V, with anti-reverse protection and over-current protection
Working Environment RH: 5%~95%, non-condensing
Working temp: -20℃~70℃
Storage: -20℃~85℃

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