USB to Quad UART

Product model: FIT-USB-TO4UARTS

Product interface: USB

Product features:

USB to Quad UART Module Features
Product Name USB to quad UART module
Working Temp -40℃~+85℃
SPec. can support four 5-wire serial port
Chipset XR21V1414
Main function XR21V1414(V1414)is an enhanced convert chip to convert USB to 4-ch UART. It can completly compatible with full speed USB2.0 and support USB data transferring rate up to 12Mbps. It can also support suspend, restore and remote wakeup operations. XR21V1414 works at speed of 48MHz but no need any external crystal. Internal separate baud rate generator runs at speed of 48MHz for precise baud rate generating. XR21V1414 is available for 128 bytes sending FIFO and 384 bytes receiving, which can improve data throughout and reduce CPU consumption. Can support auto transceiving direction control, simplified half-duplex RS485 application in both hardware and software. In multi-point (9-bit) mode, it can support auto half-duplex transceiving control fuction which simplified RS485 application.  XR21V1414 working voltage ranges from 2.97V to 3.63V, 5V withstand input, and it is TQFP-48 package
Compatible with USB 2.0

can support 12Mbps full-speed USB data transmission rate, can support USB suspend, recovery and remote waken


Strongthen UART Features data transmission rate up to 12Mbps auto software flow control(Xon/Xoff)
separate baud rate generator multi-point mode w/ auto half duplex transceiver
128-byte TX FIFO multi-point mode w/ auto TX enable
384-byte RX FIFO sleeping mode and remote waken up
can support 7, 8 or 9 data bits, 1 or 2 stop bits half-duplex mode
auto hardware flow control(RTS/CTS or Dtr/DSR) optional GPIO or Modem I/O
one 9-wire serial and three 5-wire serial can be custimized

Applicable Single Board Computer
Single Board Computer OS
OKMX6Q/DL-C Linux3.0.35, Android4.4
OKMX6Q/DL-S3 Linux3.0.35, Android4.4
OKMX6UL-C/C2 Linux3.14.38
OK335xD Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS Linux3.2, Android2.3/4.2
OK335xS-II Linux3.2
OK4418/6818-C Linux3.4.39, Android5.1.1
Packing List
1x USB to quad UART  module 1x Mini USB cable

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