RISC-V | High Performance FET7110-C SoM Is Coming Soon!

In March 2023, David Patterson, Turing Award winner, predicted that "in three to five years, RISC-V chip architecture will be ubiquitous.” Indeed, as the "Linux" of the chip world, this instruction-reduced, modular, and scalable open-source instruction set architecture is an inevitable trend in the next-generation processor architectures.

In this situation, Forlinx Embedded works together with RISC-V processor manufacturer - StarFive to launch the FET7110-C SoM based on the Jinghong 7110!

FET7110-C SoM

01 Forlinx Embedded's First RISC-V System on Module

FET7110-C SoM is designed and developed based on it, which adopts open-source RISC-V architecture, integrates 4-core U74, with 1.5Ghz frequency, and speed up to 5.09 CoreMark/MHz.

RISC-V System on Module

As a mass-produced high-performance RISC-V processor with high performance, multi-function, and low power consumption, while providing powerful GPU processing capabilities, supporting multi-channel video codecs, 2-way PCIe2.0, 2-way Gigabit Ethernet, 2-way CAN2.0 and other commonly used interfaces, and also supporting Linux5.15 operating system.
It applies to the development of industrial control, human-computer interaction, machine vision, and edge computing.

02 GPU Support to Make Stronger Computing

The JH7110's GPU utilizes the IMG BXE-4-32 MC1, which is capable of providing powerful processing power with an operating frequency of up to 600MHz, as well as supporting mainstream APIs such as OpenCL 3.0, OpenGL ES 3.2, and Vulkan 1.2 providing sufficient arithmetic support for applications such as computer vision, deep learning, and graphics rendering.

GPU Support

03 Dynamic FM for Lower Power Consumption

In terms of power consumption, JH7110 is divided into eight independently switchable power domains, and the CPU frequency can be adjusted by software so that customers can dynamically adjust the frequency according to different application scenarios to realize flexible power consumption control.

Dynamic FM

04 Dual Camera and Dual Screen to Make it More Colorful

JH7110 provides MIPI-CSI and DVP two types of camera access, supports ISP, up to 4K@60fps video decoding and 1080p@30fps video encoding, supports HDMI (4K@30fps) and RGB (1080p@30fps), as well as MIPI-DSI (2K@30fps) display output interfaces, which can realize the dual-screen heterodyne display.

Dual Camera

05 Various Interface Resources

Various Interface

06 Extensive Application Scenarios

Extensive Application Scenarios

Forlinx Embedded FET7110-C SoM is coming soon! Stay tuned!