The application of the Forlinx i.MX 8M Plus SoM in AGV trolleys

What is AI?

In today's technologically rapidly changing society, 5G and AI are very popular concepts. With the commercialization of 5G, the popularity of 5G technology in society has gradually increased. So what is AI? What changes will AI apps make to people?

AI is a new technical science to research and develop the theory, method, technology and application system for simulating, extending and extending human intelligence. AI research has made amazing progress, and after learning, machines are faster and more accurate than humans in operating certain processes. Back in 2016, AlphaGo became the first artificial intelligence robot to beat the Go world champion through deep learning, making AI a global hit.

What is AI?

Clearly, machine learning can bring us some eye-opening new features that are essential for applications such as smart homes, smart retail, smart factories, and smart cities, and are widely used in many industries today. For example, ANGV cars.

The AGV, also known as the Unmanned Vehicles, is characterized by driverless vehicles. AGV is equipped with an automatic guidance system, can ensure that the system in the absence of manual piloting can automatically travel along the predetermined route, goods, or materials automatically from the starting point to the destination, according to its navigation mode, but also can be divided into electromagnetic navigation AGV trolley, laser navigation AGV car, magnetic strip navigation AGV car, QR code navigation AGV car, visual navigation AGV car. In various forms of AI technology can be applied to the visual navigation category of products, through the camera dynamically obtain the vehicle surrounding image information and compare with the image database, and after one comparison in-depth study, to complete the current state of determination and the next driving decision.

What is machine learning

Forlinx Embedded latest FETMX8MP-C core board combines 5G and AI to deliver higher performance and greater expansion for AGV trolleys.

Forlinx i.MX 8M Plus core board

▼ i.MX 8M Plus CPU Board Features

1. High performance: quad-core Cortex-A53 architecture, main frequency 1.6GHz, while built-in NPU, AI computing power of up to 2.3TOPS, to meet the needs of lightweight edge computing with 32-bit LPDDR4, up to 4.0GT/s rate;

2. Low power consumption: 14nm FinFET, Applications running < 2.0W, Deep Sleep Mode < 20mW to meet the power needs of mobile devices;

3. Super image recognition: dual hardware ISP, resolution up to 12MP, input rate of up to 375M pixels /s, for the image effect to bring significant improvement;

4. Mainstream AI architecture support: tensorflow-lite, armNN, OpenCV, Caffe, etc., to facilitate machine learning;

5. Advanced multimedia features: support for a variety of hardware codecs: 1080p60, h.265 / 4, VP9, VP8, equipped at the same time;

6. Rich high-speed interface resources: 2 gigabit Ethernet, 2 dual-use USB 3.0/2.0, PCIe Gen 3, 3 SDIO 3.0, 2 CAN FD, for high-speed signal transmission more possibilities.

FETMX8MP-C core board application

FETMX8MP-C core board make it more than just a powerful value for AGV trolleys, and its ultra-high performance and up to 15 years of lead time make it widely used in machine learning and vision, advanced multimedia, edge-end artificial intelligence, and high-reliability industrial Internet of Things, smart homes, smart buildings, smart cities, and industry 4.0.