Pollution Source Online Monitoring Solution

With the rapid development of China's economy and industrialization, the pollution that comes with the environment is becoming more and more serious, and air pollution and water pollution are the biggest problems in environmental pollution. Haze weather has brought about and adverse effects on people's daily travel and life health status, drinking water sources are polluted, water pollutants, heavy metals and bacteria content is seriously exceeded, leading to epidemic diseases, outbreaks of infectious diseases, and the incidence of various malignant tumors, seriously threatening the lives of Chinese residents.

The significance of building an on-line monitoring solution for pollution sources

The online monitoring system of pollution source is an information platform for environmental monitoring and environmental early warning, covering water quality monitoring, flue gas monitoring, air quality monitoring and other environmental monitoring applications, which fully meets the needs of environmental protection departments at all levels for the construction of environmental information networks, can effectively support environmental monitoring and pollution supervision work in environmental protection departments, and ensure a clean living environment for residents.

Based on the benefits of FET335xD core board solutions

Based on the on-line monitoring solution for pollution sources developed by Forlinx FET335xD's industrial-grade core board, the Linux 3.2 operating system offers the following product advantages:

  • ■ Industrial ARM processor with Cortex-A8 architecture, operating system Linux 3.2;
  • ■ Configuration of 7-inch capacitive touch screen, sensitive operation, beautiful display;
  • ■ Built-in 2 gigabit Ethernet for data communication, application remote configuration, maintenance, upgrade.
  • ■ Built-in 1GB Flash memory to ensure that historical data is kept for 1 year and that power-down data is not lost;
  • ■ CPU native 6 serial port, using USB extended serial port scheme up to 10 (RS232, RS485 interface), serial rate is supported 115200bp, can be external COD online monitor, ammonia nitrogen online monitor, total phosphorus online detector, heavy metal ion online monitor, flue gas emission monitoring system and other instruments.
  • ■ An analog sensor with a variety of 0 to 5V or 4 to 20mA outputs via the analog input (AI) channel; Various types of switching volume output sensors are also connected via the switching volume input (DI) channel, and the reverse control function of the monitored device can also be achieved via the switching quantity output (DO) channel or the RS232/RS485 interface.
  • ■ Hardware and software watchdog double protection, to ensure that the system 24 hours non-stop stable operation;
  • ■ 2 USB Host, support mouse, keyboard, USB stick, etc.
  • ■ Built-in human sensor, when the device around (3 to 5 meters) for a long time no one for a period of time (can be set), by turning off the display to reduce the power consumption of the system, the device is working properly during the off screen, when someone around the screen will automatically light up.
  • ■ The communication protocol of the mainstream pollution source monitoring instrument in the domestic market is built in;
  • ■ Through the switching volume output (DO) channel or RS232/RS485 interface, the external anti-control function of the instrument to achieve the monitored device counter-control function.
  • ■ Linux system supports NandFlash hardware ECC verification, Uboot start code burn-write multi-backup mechanism, so that the system is stable and reliable.

FET335xD core board

Forlinx pollution source online monitoring program, the use of Internet of Things technology, through the construction of pollution source monitoring system platform, to achieve fully automatic, round-the-clock monitoring, improve the level and efficiency of pollution source supervision and management.