How Can FET335xS Do on Ultrasonic Scalpels?

Ultrasonic scaling knife is the use of electro-scale effect or magnetic telescopic effect, ultrasonic electrical energy into mechanical energy, through the amplifies and coupling of the variable bar, to promote the head of work and radiation energy to local tissues of the human body, so as to carry out surgical treatment of a medical device, with high precision, less bleeding, no burns, rapid recovery after surgery and other advantages, set separation, cutting and hemorrhaging three functions in one. It has been used in five-level surgery, head and neck surgery, breast surgery, thoracic surgery, liver and bile surgery, abdominal surgery, urology minimally invasive surgery and minimally invasive gynaecological surgery.

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Minimally invasive surgery is the direction of medical development, ultrasound knife is used in tumor cutting, liver surgery, gastrointestinal surgery and laparoscopic surgery is very widespread, almost all of the province's three hospital surgeons will use. The disadvantage is that it is not covered by health insurance and is more expensive.

Johnson and Johnson and Olympus of Japan are among the companies that produce ultrasound scalpels, with a large market share. Johnson and Johnson in China's ultrasonic knife market share of more than 90%. Among them, the United States Johnson and Johnson began in the early 1990s committed to ultrasound hemorrhage surgery and the introduction of "Uitraci-sion" ultrasonic hemostatic knife is mainly used to cut soft tissue and blood vessels, Johnson and Johnson GEN300 digital ultrasound cutting hemorrhoid knife is widely used in hospital operating departments. In recent years, domestic universities, research institutes and other related institutions and companies have carried out research and development of ultrasonic knives, there are some series of ultrasonic knives put into production.

There are two types of action: attractive and cutting.

First, attractive ultrasound scalpel

1, the principle

Attractive ultrasound surgery is the use of powerful ultrasonic energy to destroy tan weaving, to achieve the purpose of treatment, mainly the use of ultrasound cavitation effect to complete, cavitation is a liquid dynamics phenomenon, when the liquid is in negative pressure enough pull force, pull force exceeds cohesion, liquid appears small cavity. Liquids containing gases, pull force caused liquids to become too saturated, gas escape into false emptying. Gas-free liquid molecules are "teared apart" by pull forces to form cavities, which are true cavity. Air-space cavity offset distribution of positive and negative charge, when the pressure changes, the cavity burst, that is, there are high temperature, high pressure, luminescence, discharge and other phenomena, energy changes. The phenomenon of emptying has great acoustic and chemical effect, and sometimes also has a powerful mechanical action, has a great destructive effect, can destroy human body tissue, break and run and form emulsification. Ultrasound attractive scalpel is the use of ultrasound hollowing action, crushing the lesions into tissue ready to be removed, and then pumped out, complete treatment. The principle of inducing super-charge scalpel hemostatic is to destroy and absorb high aqueous tissue cells at the same time, so that the elasticity of the collagen tissue intact, so that the operation in safe, little or no blood conditions. Ultrasound at frequencies above 1MHZ is almost empty, so it will be used as an ultrasound instrument for surgery, with frequencies of 15-40kHZ and ultrasonic attractor scalpel ultrasound frequencies of 20-30kHZ.

2, instruments and equipment

Attractive ultrasonic knife by the host, treatment head, attraction device composition.

The main unit includes the power supply and control system, the power supply includes the high frequency current generator, the current circuit required for the transduction device, the motor and circuit required for the attractor, the control system consists of a microcomputer and instrument.

Treatment head (including handle), handle front connection treatment head, handle equipped with transdication, to convert electrical energy into ultrasonic energy, generally using a frequency of 23kHZ. Treatment head is I cutting-edge slender metal tube, length according to the choice of surgery, generally 10 to 30cm, tube cavity connection attraction, . . the top of the straw is ultrasonic scalpel, diameter of 3-5cm, the hollowing effect occurs here, crushing tissue to form a paste-like, sucked out by the attractor through the tube.

Attractors include pumps and water-based bad lines. Used to complete the waste tissue that is sucked out of the operation and to flush the surgical site to maintain clear vision.

3, adaptive disease

Because ultrasonic hollowing is done in water-rich cells, so the most effective effect on tissues with more moisture and less collagen components, such as brain, liver, spleen and other organs, and the collagen components of many tissues have little effect, such as blood vessels, fascias and so on. Clinical applications are mainly in brain surgery, neurosurgery dysentery, such as meningioma, glioma, spinal cord tumors and other intracranial tumors, liver tumors, thoracic surgery of various tumors, fat absorption and a variety of water-rich cell tissue excision.


Compared with high-frequency electric knife, ultrasonic scalpel has good hemostatic effect, precise cutting effect, high safety, shorten the operation time and the advantages of small damage to surrounding tissue. Attractive ultrasound scalpel on the moisture-rich, collagen components of less tissue effect is the best, it can not be limited by the scope of surgery, can be used for abdominal surgery and other large-scale surgery, some people have in the open abdominal surgery compared with high-frequency electric knife, ultrasonic scalpel in the operation of high accuracy, good safety, small damage. The average amount of bleeding in surgery is better than that of high frequency electric knife, but the attractive ultrasound scalpel has a slight effect on the tissues of collagen components, such as blood vessels, fascias, etc., and the accuracy of cutting is slightly. Cutting scalpel has accurate cutting effect, is widely used in laparoscopic surgery and so on.

However, there are some technical problems with ultrasound scalpels. At present, the main technical problems existing in ultrasonic surgery at home and abroad are 1, low efficiency of electroacoustic conversion, resulting in slow cutting speed and heat after long use of the handle;

Forlinx Products:

Ultrasonic scalpel control part and display part, wherein the control part can be through the customer's own design of an amplifier board to achieve the control of the ultrasonic knife, the display part, is through the serial contact control part, to carry out the instructions of the communication, parameters set. See the block diagram below:

Using product: FET335XS industrial core board LINUX 3.2 system