OK-MX9352-C Single Board Computer, Ensuring Secure and Stable Communication

With the development of global smart manufacturing, embedded boards and other smart devices are widely used in various fields. However, with the dramatic increase in the number of devices, various interference signals in the environment also increase, which poses higher requirements for the security and stability of communication between devices.

The electromagnetic interference generated by strong magnetic fields, strong electrical signals, and high-power devices can indirectly cause elevated potential on the bus. This can lead to issues such as static discharge, surges, or short circuits, which directly affect the communication lines. These issues can range from minor communication anomalies to more severe consequences like system crashes or even damage. Therefore, it is crucial to incorporate isolation and protective measures before connecting to the bus.

NXP iMX9352 development board

Development boards, as important references for research, design, and function evaluation, also require stability and necessary EMC protection capabilities. On the Forlinx Embedded OK-MX9352-C single board computer, interface protection circuitry has been specifically implemented. This design not only serves as a design reference but also ensures safety and stability during the usage process.

When designing the carrier board, Forlinx Embedded not only considers the pin-out configuration of each function to allow users to conveniently test and utilize multiple functions simultaneously but also carefully plans the layout to ensure the optimal positioning of each interface. Additionally, the stability of these interfaces under different environmental conditions is taken into full consideration. Special attention is given to the design and testing of protection and isolation measures for each interface.

OK-MX9352-C single board computer

Of particular note is the isolation and protection design for the CAN and RS485 interfaces on the Forlinx OK-MX9352-C SBC;A combination of integrated and discrete components is employed to achieve the 4th level of protection against electrostatic discharge (ESD), surges, and pulses, in compliance with GT/T 17626 standard. This significantly reduces potential risks and hazards.

CAN and RS485 interfaces

Forlinx OK-MX9352-C SBC

Moreover, the CAN and RS485 interfaces have adopted a new industrial-grade transceiver solution, along with dedicated protection chips designed for industrial applications. In addition, the CAN-FD interface is capable of supporting communication at a speed up to 5Mbps. In the subsequent discrete circuit design, the signals will pass through protective devices such as common mode inductors, TVS diodes, and gas discharge tubes, in order to ensure safer and more stable communication.

This meticulous protection design stems from Forlinx Embedded's dedication and commitment to quality. Forlinx Embedded also adheres to the ISO9001 quality management system, ensuring uncompromising commitment to quality and responsibility towards both the product quality and the customers.

The Forlinx Embedded OK-MX9352-C single board computer can meet the requirements of various scenarios such as industrial control, intelligent healthcare, environmental monitoring, transportation, power, renewable energy, and security surveillance. It enables developers to facilitate simpler and more efficient development processes.