Application Plan of Pressure Displacement Analyzer Based on i.MX8MM

It's a professional device for testing the deformation data of materials under pressure. It can measure multiple parameter, such as material pressure, response, displacement etc., analyze and process the data through built-in software system and algorithm to obtain the mechanical performance parameters of materials.

Outstanding Functions:

Pressure Displacement Analyzer Control System

Pressure Displacement Analyzer Control System

1. High Measurement Accuracy:

It can accurately measure the displacement under pressure, ensuring accurate and reliable measurement.

2. High Reliability:

It can perform long-term stable measurement under extreme conditions and is suitable for various complex environments and application scenarios.

3. Easy Operation:

It can do complicated tests by easy operation to improve work efficiency.

4. Multiple-function

It has multiple functions, such as automatic record, data process, result analysis and report generation to meet different application scenarios.

5. Visual Display:

It has LCD screen that can display measurement results and parameters, which is convenient for users to monitor and analyse data in real-time.

6. Convenient Data Processing:

It can store measurement data in internal memory or external devices, and support multiple data formats export, which are convenient for users to process and analyze data later.

Why We Choose Forlinx iMX8MM

Forlinx recommends taking FETMX8MM-C as the main controller for the pressure displacement analyzer. It can well meet customers' comprehensive requirements for interface, performance, and display:

Why We Choose Forlinx iMX8MM

1. Providing HMI:

It displays real-time data transmitted from MCU through MIPI, and conduct drawings and data display.

2. Data Processing and Storage:

It communicates with MCU through USB or Ethernet, stores the received data in TF card or U disk. Then process the collected data and output it in a concise and easy to understand format.

3. Network Transmission and Remote-control

It has one gigabit network port that is capable of remotely monitoring screen, network backup, and restoring system parameter.

Advantages of Forlinx iMX8MM

FETMX8MM-C is built on NXP i.MX8M Mini,equipped with ARM 4* Cortex-A53 maximum frequency 1.8GHz, and combined with 2GB DDR4 RAM having high performance, computing power, which make it have more advantages in data processing.

FETMX8MM-C System on Module

It has small size and flexible connectivity. The small size(56mm*36mm) meets the requirements of mini-type and portable,which can more effectively reduce product size. Industrial level temperate scope(-40℃ ~ +85℃) can meet wide industrial-scenario use.

And, FETMX8MM-C supports 4-way MIPI display with a maximum transmission rate of 1.5Gbps, and perfectly outputs HD images, providing better display for HMI.

All above are the solution plan for pressure displacement analyzer based on FETMX8MM-C.
Hope this can help you for product selection! To get more i.MX8M Mini details.