ARM Core Board Applicates In Power Edge IoT Agent System

What is a smart station area fusion terminal?

The intelligent station area fusion terminal is based on the design concept of business APP, and users can flexibly configure APP according to business needs to realize function customization. In order to realize the customization of functions, it is necessary to build an IoT management platform to manage and maintain edge IoT agents.

What is an edge computing IoT proxy system?

The edge computing IoT proxy system is a new generation of edge computing security products launched for the field of power smart Internet of things, helping power smart Internet of things, and helping power smart Internet of things. It has powerful edge computing capabilities and can be Computing resources are processed, and data collection, communication protocol conversion, real-time command response, model analysis, artificial intelligence, security protection, intrusion detection, terminal access and other services are realized at the edge nodes of the Internet of Things to meet the explosive growth of sensing equipment ( End) standardized access and data collection requirements to overcome the bottleneck of data transmission bandwidth and computing power of the cloud platform.

Business application system

One acquisition, shared

At present, there are various types of different types of terminal equipment in various professions of power system, such as: marketing professional power information collection terminal, distribution professional power distribution automation terminal. Different terminal equipment access to their respective business management systems, there are certain professional barriers; Data sources are not unique, there may be data conflicts, can not achieve the " One acquisition, shared " goal. The intelligent station area fusion terminal, the integration of different professional business, to break down professional barriers, so that data effectively through the important significance. The intelligent station area fusion terminal is based on the design concept of business APP, factory setting only has the basic functions, users can flexibly configure the APP according to business needs to achieve functional customization.

In this paper, the business system is simplified, and the interaction between the stock management platform and the edge joint agent is discussed and verified

First, power IoT system architecture

Power Internet of Things by the "cloud, tube, edge, end" composition, to the edge of the agent as the core.

  • 1, the cloud side by the joint management platform, APP control service center and business application systems.
  • 2, pipe side mainly refers to the ubiquitous communication network, including wireless public network, optical fiber, HPLC and so on.
  • 3, side refers to the edge calculation, that is, the edge of the joint agent equipment.
  • 4, the end side covers intelligent sensing, smart meters and household appliances.

Second, the edge of the joint platform

The management platform of the association of objects to the unified management of the edge agent, the main functions include equipment file management, registration management, online status monitoring, alarm information management, container management, APP management.

Third, the edge of the joint agent

the edge of the joint agent

Edge-linked agent equipment, is an edge computing gateway product for power multi-service access, deployed in transmission lines, substations and distribution network side, for transmission line drone inspection, substation equipment inspection, distribution fault detection, video surveillance, real-time network fault diagnosis, multi-service trusted access, power IoT data sharing and intelligent analysis and other scenarios, responsible for edge computing, and data cross-network delivery to the main station. The user side is in the local network, the network side is connected to the user line hosting the network, the local network business data is adapted to the hosting network, can load various protocol conversion, data cache processing functions, can berth multiple hosting network, provide hosting network resource management, to assist in hosting network resources scheduling.

Edge concoction agent equipment takes NXP's high-performance ARM platform power consumption and performance as the core, peripheral expansion network, serial port, 4G, LoRa and other interfaces to meet the different access needs of the field. The whole machine can be fanless design, aluminum chassis cooling, to meet the needs of industrial-grade environment.

ARM Cortex-A53 SoM

Advantages: Forlinx embedded core board recommended

Forlinx Embedded ET1043A-C Core Board is based on NXP's LS1043A quad-core processor design, main frequency 1.6GHz, ARM Cortex-A53 architecture, memory 2GB DDR4, 8GB storage, higher processing power, industrial-grade chips for demanding work environments, support for Ubuntu operating system, support for Docker containers.

ET1043A-C Core Board

  • 1, 7 lanes gigabit Ethernet, electric port using RJ45 interface, optical port using SFP interface, rich network interface
  • 2, Support optional WIFI mode, IEEE802.11b/g/n, 2.4G150Mbps
  • 3, Native support for 4 serial ports, can be achieved by transfer: 6 RS-485, using Phoenix terminals;
  • 4, 1 lane SPI, support business security encryption function, fully meet the needs of distribution business security encryption
  • 5, 1 lane 4G, can be expanded to 5G, supporting intelligent network selection in multi-network environment
  • 6, 1 lane LoRa, can be connected to lora through the serial port to provide a variety of wireless communication methods
  • 7, 1 lane SATA, can do field data storage