FET335xS-II System on Module

CPU: TI AM3354, Cortex-A8;

Ethernet: 2x Gigabit Ethernet;

SATA: can be expanded by USB;

FET5718-C System on Module

Forlinx Embedded provides TI AM57x multi-core heterogeneous series-AM5718 system on module, AM5718 includes ARM Cortex-A15, C66 DSP, Cortex-M4, Pru, GPU different architectures, designed to meet the needs of modern embedded devices The need for high performance.

FET335xS System on Module

FET335xS system on module(SoM) based on TI AM335x processor, support many industrial buses, including CAN, PROFIBUS, RS485, etc. We also offer custom design services, welcome your inquiry! 

FET335xD System on Module

Forlinx AM335 series core board is based on TI ARM Cortex-A8 architecture AM335x microprocessor design. AM335X core board chips all use industrial-grade materials and natively support 6-channel UART; support mainstream operating systems on the market, Linux-RT, Linux3. 2, Android2.3, Android4.2, Win CE7.0, Win CE6.0.