Core boards are typically recommended for use in the field of smart transportation/power/medical/automation

Typical applications for core boards

Forlinx embedded deep-ploughing intelligent equipment core platform field for many years, has accumulated a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, with mature technology, product advantages. At the same time, in the field of intelligent transportation, smart power, smart medical and industrial automation, Forlinx and many enterprises have carried out in-depth cooperation to ensure that research and development products meet customer application needs, to provide customers with core components of intelligent equipment to provide stable protection, shorten the customer research and development cycle.

Forlinx core boards

Industrial Internet of Things applications

Recommended board: FETMX8MP-C Core Board

The FETMX8MP-C core board is based on NXP i.MX 8M Plus processors that focus on machine learning and vision, advanced multimedia, and high-reliability industrial automation.

i.MX 8M Plus Core Board

Typical application - robot instructor

Robot teaching device is the core component of robot control system, which is a device for manual operation, programming, parameter configuration and monitoring of robots, and is widely used in various industrial robots. The robot teaching device designed with Forlinx FETMX8MP-C core board is powerful and expandable, and can achieve friendly human-computer interface.

robot instructor

Typical application - topology diagram

topology diagram

Forlinx Embedded launched a series of core boards, embedded control units and 5G gateways and other products, in the field of industrial Internet of Things has a wide range of applications, can be used in codeblasts, oil tankers, industrial HMI and other terminal equipment, as well as smart factory edge computing gateway. At the same time, Forlinx embedded rich ARM board product line, in security, smart cities, ring monitoring, smart home, new retail and other industries can be flexible use, to help users reduce the difficulty of development, shorten product time to market.

Smart medical applications

Recommended board: FETA40i-C core board

The FETA40i-C core board features Allwinner A40i industrial processor development design, a quad-core Cortex-A7 architecture, and a CPU master frequency of 1.2GHz. Integrate a variety of data communication interfaces to meet visual interaction-based control products.

FETA40i-C core board

Typical application - monitor

A monitor is a device or system that measures and controls the physiological parameters of a patient and can be compared to known settings to alert if an over-standard is present. The monitor developed with The Forlinx FETA40i-C core board is stable, safe and reliable, and the main chip has a long lead time to meet the needs of growth cycle products.


Typical application - topology diagram

topology diagram

A range of embedded core boards introduced by Forlinx Embedded are widely used in the medical industry, such as fully automated blood analyzers, PCR gene amplifiers, nucleic acid extractors, medical imaging HMI, etc.

Smart power applications

Recommended board: FETT3-S core board

based on domestic industrial-grade processor design, equipped with Ubuntu operating system, rich in interface resources, reliable and stable operation.

FETT3-S core board

Typical application - Platform area intelligent fusion terminal

As the core of low-voltage power distribution Internet of Things, Platform area intelligent fusion terminal is the largest number of side devices in the power IoT technology architecture system, which can be connected to the network in place with low voltage smart devices, smart meters, etc

Intelligent transformation. Platform area intelligent fusion terminal designed with Forlinx FET3-S core board has the characteristics of cost-effective and high stability.

Platform area intelligent fusion terminal

Typical application - topology diagram

topology diagram

Forlinx Embedded has launched a series of stable and reliable domestic core boards for the power industry, which can be used in energy consumption monitoring, energy storage gateways, charging piles, communication management machines, on-line monitoring of power quality, satellite clock synchronization systems and other power products.

Smart transportation applications

Recommended board: FETT507-C core board

FETT507-C core board integrated T507 quad-core vehicle standard-class processor design and development, Cortex-A53 architecture, main frequency 1.5GHz, integrated G31 GPU, memory 2GB DDR3L, storage 8GB eMMC.

FETT507-C core board

Typical application - intelligent bus dispatch all-in-one

Intelligent bus dispatcher can realize a series of functions such as vehicle positioning, manual or automatic station, voice call, site collection, TTS broadcast, video surveillance, information interaction, attendance management, scheduling, etc. With The intelligent bus dispatch all-in-one designed by Forlinx FET507-C core board can realize the full functional requirements of the equipment, rich communication interface resources and stable Linux or Android system make the development difficulty greatly reduced.

intelligent bus dispatch all-in-one

Typical application - topology diagram

topology diagram

Forlinx embedded in the intelligent transportation industry has a wide range of user groups, users use Forlinx core board design and development products including RSU road test unit, commercial vehicle intelligent driving terminal, intelligent driving test vehicle terminal, smart light pole controller, bus swipe machine.