Part of System on Modules in Smart Medical

Forlinx Embedded launched a series of NXP- based, Allwinner, Rockchip, TI, SAMSUNG and other brand processor ARM intelligent device core platform ( ARM core board), in the field of intelligent medicine is widely used, can be used as IVD, medical imaging, vital signs monitoring and other medical devices, the main control board card, in order to reduce product development difficulty, shorten the product launch cycle.

Over the years, Forlinx embedded in the field of smart medical continue to work deep, to help customers solve the difficulties in the development of medical equipment, with stable products and quality services for many medical equipment enterprises to provide a strong technical support. Customers using Forlinx board card development products have fully automatic blood analyzers, fully automated light-emitting immunoanalysts, PCR gene amplifiers, nucleic acid extractors, colon dialysis machines, medical ventilators, monitors, telescopic therapy instruments, endoscopes, 5G ambulances and so on. Today, Forlinx Embedded has helped more than 1,000 medical device companies successfully develop their products and supply core boards to them in bulk.

This article, from the typical application of medical equipment, Tong embedded in the field of smart medical hot board inventory, hoping to bring some reference and help to the selected engineers.

1, FETMX8MP-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

imx8mp system on module

2, FETA40i-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

A40i system on module

3, FETMX6Q-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

imx6q system on module

4, FETMX8MM-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

imx8mm system on module

5, FETT507-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

T507 system on module

6, FETMX8MQ-C ( Click here for detailed parameters)

imx8mq system on module

The above is the inventory of Forlinx embedded's popular boards in the smart medical field. In the future, Forlinx Embedded will continue to make efforts in the field of smart medical care, using core technologies to provide customers with stable, reliable, and high-quality products with excellent functions.