FCU1301 Embedded Computer

CPU: TI AM3354

Architecture: Cortex-A8

Frequency: 800MHz


ROM: 1GB NandFlash

System: Linux3.2

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FCU1301 Embedded Computer

FCU1301 is an embedded computer designed specially for dynamic environment monitoring system, IoT for data collecting.

It consists of SoM and carrier board, it's designed based on SoM FET335xD which has been widely used in medical, electronical, rail transit, industrial control , etc.

Optimized connector layout makes it very convenient to be integrated into 1U, meanwhile it's preserved with expanded connectors for WIFI, GPRS and 4G modules, its has below features:

  • 1. Power input from 9V to 36V, designed with main power, back-up power and Li-battery;
  • 2. Dual Ethernet designed with isolated solution;
  • 3. 8x RS485, which can be multiplexed with RS232, also designed with isolated solution;
  • 4. 12x DI, dry contact input, designed with isolated solution;
  • 5. 4x DO, relay output, contact capacity 5A 250VAC, 5V 30VDC;
  • 6. 2x CAN designed with isolated solution;
  • 7. 2x USB Host, for expanding usage;
  • 8. WIFI STA and AP double moding supported (optional);
  • 9. GPRS and 4G are both supported and optional;
  • 10. Available for external storage expanding.

FCU1301 supported RS485, RS232,CAN  FCU1301 based on SoM FET335xD ARM Cortex-A8 processor designed with shield solution

triple power supply various communication optional, Ethernet, 4G, GPRS and WiFi

FCU1301 embedded computer pin diagram

▊ Hardware Features

Hardware Features
CPU Model: TI AM3354 Sitara ARM Cortex-A8@ 800MHz
External Storage standard SD card slot
Mobile Communication

interface: mini PCI-E, standard on-board SIM card slot(users need buy the module by themselves),

module model: ME909S-821, it's available for China Mobile 4G/3G/2G, China Union 4G/3G/2G and China Telecom 4G

DO 4x DO, 220V/5A relay isolated output by terminal bond with pitch of 3.81mm
DI 12x DI, dry contact input, opto isolated and power isolated by terminal bond with pitch of 3.81mm
WIFI USB WiFi, can support STA mode and AP mode
UART 9x UART(8x RS232/RS485 multiplexed, 1x Debug)
USB HOST 2x USB Host, standard USB type A connector, for U-disk mounting
CAN BUS 2x CAN, CAN-0: CAN2.0 B, 125/250kbps; CAN-1: CAN2.0 B, 125/250kbps
IIC 1x IIC, for display expanding
Ethernet 2x 10/100M auto-negotiation, RJ45 connector, RJ45-01: 10/100M, for connection with upper system
Audio none, on-board GPIO buzzer
Clock on-board RTC CR2032, power failure for one year
Power input rated voltage: DC12V, input range: DC9V-36V, reverse polarity connecting protection
Indicator 1. power indicator, 2. status indicator
Reset Key system reset
BOOT Key can support Nand Flash booting and SD card booting mode
Dimensions 240mm×296mm
Mounting by screws
Work and Storage RH: 5%~95%, non-condensing, working temp: -40℃~70℃, storage temp: -40℃~85℃

Software Features
U-boot u-boot-2011-09
System Version Kernel: Linux-3.2.0, GCC: 4.5.3, QT: 4.8.5

Valid Driver

Flash ECC verification
Nand Flash
UBI file system
SD card
4G wireless network module

Packing List

Option 1: 4G version
FCU1301 x 1
4G wireless network module x 1
4G full-band antenna x 2
2.4G antenna x 1
power adapter x 1
serial interface cable x 1

Option 2: GPRS version
FCU1301 x 1
GPRS module x 1
2.4G antenna x 1
GSM antenna x 1
serial interface cable x 1
power adapter x 1

▊ Accessories

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▊ Technical Support

1. Files to be provided after buying

Hardware related: datasheet, user guide, carrier board schematic, carrier board PCB, SoM pinmux;

Firmware related: OS image, testing demo, source code, manual;

Compiling environment

2. Fast response after-sale technical support service

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