FCU1401 Embedded Computer

CPU: S5P4418

Architecture: Cortex-A9

Frequency: 1.4GHz



System: Android5.1.1

FCU1401 Embedded Computer

FCU 1401 is an embedded computer was designed based on S5P4418 specially for self-service terminal, vending machine, advertising machine, HMI terminals, etc. It’s s high integrated embedded computer with display, communication, controlling functions all-in-one.

This item is with frequency of 1.4GHz that makes it excellent Android OS performance and available for displaying with resolution of 1080P that takes users ultimate HMI experience. What’s more, interfaces such as 4G, WIFI, Ethernet, UART, USB and audio are all ready-to-use, which will shorten your time for product development.

OS Android 5.1.1 and Linux 3.4.9 are available

The S5P4418 is a quad core processor with frequency of 1.5G Hz and excellent software performance of optimizated Android 5.1.1 and Linux QT5.6. Dual-display takes supurior HMI experence

HDMI and LVDS interfaces are both available to support high definition touch panel sized from 7'' to 55'' with resolution of 1080P,dual displays

Multi-functional interfaces ready-to-use

HD camera is supported with monitoring and recording functions to guarantee device security, and 8-ch UART are available to communicate with microcontrollers, which make it convenient for equipment cluster management.


FCU1401 embedded computer could be widely used in applications like vending kiosks, express cabinet, self-service terminal, IoT, multi-media displaying, digital signature, access control, etc.

▊ Spec.

Hardware Features

Basic Information CPU ARM Cortex-A9 quad-core 1.4GHz
Interface Display HDMI 1.4, up to 1920X1080, ESD: Con ±6KV、Air ±8KV
LVDS(1ch,8bit), in enclosure which should be removed when using it
Touch USB touch screen

8x RS232, one can be multiplexed to RS485, one can be multiplexed to

RS422; ESD: Con ±6KV, Air ±8KV; EFT: ±1KV; Surge: 2KV

Ethernet 10M/100M/1000Mbps auto-negotiation, ESD: Con ±6KV, Air ±8KV
WIFI 802.11b/g/n, can support STA/ AP
4G/3G/2G China Union 4G/3G/2G, China Mobile 4G/3G/2G, China Telecom: 4G
USB Host 4x USB TypeA, can support USB 2.0 Host,  ESD: Con ±6KV, Air ±8KV
Audio 1x Headphone, 1x MIC
TF 1x TF card slot for external storage
Functional Key 1x key, function set by application
Power Key 1x power key
RTC available
Buzzer powering indicator
Hardware Watchdog supported
Voltage Input Voltage Input 9~36VDC
Rate 12V/2A(in status of no external power output)

onver-current protection, reverse polarity connection,

ESD: Con ±6KV, Air ±8KV, EFT: ±2KV, Surge: 2KV

Working Environment Temperature(working) -20℃~+70℃
Temperature(storage) -40℃~+125℃
RH(working) 10%~90%
RH(storage) 1%~95%

Software Features
Support Spec.
OS Android5.1.1
File System EXT4, FAT32
HDMI resolution: 1080p/720p/640p/576p, can switch by software and get the setting valid by reboot, can support display horizontal and vertical mode switch,可在操作系统中设置切换,重启生效。 支持横屏、竖屏切换。
Touch standard HID touch input, plug-and-play
Serial provided with demo
Ethernet can support fixed IP and allocate IP by DHCP; can support MAC address setting
WIFI can support wireless network; WIFI AP to 4G
4G Network can support China Mobile, China Union, China Telecom 4G wireless network; China Mobile SMS
USB HOST can support standard HID input device, UVC camera and U-disk storage
USB OTG can support ADB in device mode; and can support standard HID input device, UVC camera and U-disk storage in host mode
HOME Key provides API and demos
RTC can support NTP
Activiate Logo Changing APP for booting acitiviate logo changing
Media compatible third party media player, can support audio record and play, volume adjusting
OTA supported
Packing List: Option 1(standard version)
FCU1401 x 1
power adapter x 1
2.4G antenna x 2
Packing List: Option2(4G version)
FCU1401 x 1
4G wireless module x 1
4G full-band antenna x 1
2.4G antenna x 2
power adapter x 1
Optional Module

serial expanding module

note: each DB9 connector on FCU1401 contains two serial, but only one is available if using a standard DB9 cable, by this module, both of the two

serial will be available

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