Embedded Computer

FCU1104 Embedded Computer

IoT gateway| FCU1104 is an embedded  computer designed by Forlinx specially for IoT gateway related applications for wireless data acquisition and transmission. It complies with mulitple network protocols. It integrates with 8* RS485/ RS232, 2* Ethernet, 4G(Cat.1/ Cat.4), WiFi, LoRa and other source all in one.

FCU2201 Embedded Computer

The FCU2201 cost-effective 5G industrial gateway is designed for industrial data acquisition and processing applications. It supports 5G, 4G, Ethernet, dual-band Wi-Fi, RS485, RS232 and other functions and interfaces. It can be used for uplink network access and connection of downlink sensors and other devices; it adopts ARM Cortex-A53 architecture processor with a main frequency up to 1GHz, can meet the performance requirements of local data processing, edge computing, etc.;

FCU2401 Embedded Computer

FCU2401 embedded computer is designed based on Allwinner Cortex-A7 featuring quad-core processor [email protected], it integrates with MAli400MP2 GPU, RAM 1GB(2GB upgradable) and 8GB eMMC. It has a variety of peripheral sources, such as RS485, CAN,ESAM,USB,Ethernet,4G,WiFi,GPS,LVDS,HDMI,DI,DO,audio and SATA. All communication interfaces are designed with isolation protection solution and tested by ESD4.

FCU1302 Embedded Computer

FCU1302 Embedded Computer

FCU2303 5G Gateway

The FCU2303 embedded control unit (5G Smart Gateway 3.0) can provide users with high-bandwidth, low-latency, and large-connection services. The control unit is equipped with 8 independent MAC addresses of Gigabit Ethernet and 8 RS485. It is widely used in smart cities, smart factories, smart power, smart water, smart agriculture, security monitoring and other industries.

FCU1101 Embedded Computer

Smart gateway | FCU1101 embedded control unit is a smart industrial gateway that integrates ZigBee gateway, Lora gateway, RS485 gateway, and 4G network. It is developed and designed with NXP i.MX6Ul processor, which has the advantages of super high efficiency, high performance, and low cost. It integrates RS485, Ethernet port, 4G, WiFi, ZigBee, LoRa, and other functional interfaces and modules to meet the needs of different occasions.

FCU1103 Embedded Computer

Multi-acquisition interface | FCU1103 main control board CPU natively supports ISO7816 protocol, which can be directly adapted to ESAM/PSAM encryption module, suitable for the encryption requirements of charging pile billing control unit, OKMX6UL-C3 industrial control board has a power-down protection function.

FCU1201 Embedded Computer

Smart application | FCU1201 embedded control unit is an intelligent industrial computer suitable for charging piles, advertising machines, and new retail. It is developed and designed with NXP i.MX6Dual Lite dual-core processor and has the advantages of ultra-high efficiency, high performance, and rich interfaces. The internal integration of RS485, CAN, ESAM, PSAM, USB, Ethernet port, 4G, WiFi, LVDS screen, HDMI, DI, DO, audio function interfaces and modules, powerful performance enables the industrial computer to meet the needs of different occasions.

FCU1401 Embedded Computer

The Forlinx FCU1401 embedded control unit is recommended for the automatic vending field. It takes intelligence as the core and does not require secondary development to help developers quickly complete the development and listing of self-service vending machines, self-service equipment Android industrial computers and other equipment.

FCU1301 Embedded Computer

Dynamic Monitoring | Forlinx Embedded is a professional manufacturer of computer room monitoring, a research and development enterprise that provides hardware solutions for computer room environment monitoring, power environment monitoring, and environment centralized monitoring and management. The FCU1301 embedded control unit introduced is an industrial-grade gateway product for data collection applications such as computer room power environment monitoring and Internet of Things.