Qt Creator compilation chain configuration problem solution sharing

In the Linux environment of the i.MX6 development board downloaded from the Forlinx official forum, when using the Qt Creator self-compiled project, after ensuring that there are no other syntax errors, click the compile and run button on the left of Qt, and the following figure appears Mistake:


This is caused by the inconsistency between the compilation chain configured by Qt and the system environment. The environment on the forum is only configured with a cross-compilation chain suitable for the arm development board, so click the compile and run button on the left of Qt, and the compiled executable binary file suitable for the arm development platform will be reported as shown in the figure. The error shown.

If you want to debug and run a self-compiled Qt program in a virtual machine, you need to configure a compilation chain suitable for the X86 platform. The configuration steps are as follows:

Click on options:

To add qmake, click the Add button in the upper right corner to find qmake in the path below, and click open:



Add the cross-compilation chain shown in the figure below, click Browse, and select the g++ tool under the corresponding path:


Finally click apply and click OK to complete the configuration.

When compiling, you need to select the compiler in the projects option on the left, as shown in the figure below:


After selecting the configuration, after changing the compiler each time, you need to perform a build clean operation to clear the intermediate files generated by the compilation, as shown in the figure below, choose one of the two buttons:

After the above steps are completed, the self-compiled Qt program is debugged and run in the virtual machine, and it is normal.

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